Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wedding for the “Farmer seeks wife”-the couple – financial times

They met in TV4:s “Farmer seeks wife” for two seasons ago.

Now it is time for the wedding between Sebastian Davidsson and Petra Liljeblad, write-host Linda Lindorff on his blog.

” What luck, she writes.

The starke farmer from Anderstorp found their love in a little different way in the 2014 “Farmer seeks wife”. the Petra Liljeblad chose to leave the program shortly after inspelningarnas start because she did not feel comfortable with the tv cameras.

But the letter she sent to the Sebastian Davidsson had touched him so much that he chose to cancel the searching for a date with the women who had moved on to his farm to search for making the enquiry. And it was love from first sight for both of them. The pair married on July 8, next year – on the date three years after Petra came to the farm for the first time.


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