Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ingvar Oldsberg: ”I pay the car” – Aftonbladet

the controversy around vinstmissen in Afghanistan continues.

the Producer company folkspel will decide if the player should get the car he took home the live or not.

If not promise Ingvar Oldsberg, 71, to yourself to shell out for the win.

” I pay the car regardless of the decision, and I stand by it. It all starts as a parody, ” he says to the GT.

the Crash occurred in the Bingolottos live broadcast on Sunday. A contestant you called in to the Färgfemman and velade healthy around which the door would be opened.

finally, he changed from the door 13 to the door 15 and managed to win a brand new car, despite the fact that the host Ingvar Oldsberg is already partially managed to open the door 13.

After the broadcast was raging angry viewers.

yesterday came Lotterinspektionen that the car should not have been distributed and now it is up to the producer company folkspel to decide if the player should receive the car or not. SEE ALSO PLUS the Founder’s anger at "Bingolotto"

"Begins to resemble a parody,"

Now announcing Ingvar Oldsberg that he, himself, moves in if the winner of their car.

” I pay the car regardless of the decision, and I stand by it. It all starts as a parody, ” he says to the GT.

He regrets the mistake and take responsibility for the situation.

” Then they won’t have meet and have interviews back and forth. Is it that I have made a mistake so I take the consequences for it. I pay the car to Aziz, to be all happy and everyone is a winner, ” says Ingvar Oldsberg.

Risk warning

Mathias Skoglund, vice president of the company folkspel, which produces Entertainment has previously told Nöjesbladet that one should make a decision as soon as possible

” A miss, it is all too obvious. The regulatory framework is clear. We get to watch over the internal procedures relating to why it burst, he said.

the Program is also the risk of a warning.

” we have the opportunity to do is to give advice and recommendations. But also to give a warning. It means in this case that it has violated something that is so serious that a warning is justified. It would be repeated it can lead to other things, in the long term that concerns the state, ” says Patrik Gustavsson Nonetheless, the operational department. SEE ALSO Risk warning – after luck-the mistake


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