Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kim Kardashian afraid of being raped – the Express newspaper

Five armed and masked men entered the Kim Kardashians hotel room and robbed her of valuables for almost 100 million.

the Star should have been bound at the hands and the feet of his bed, only wearing a bathrobe, and taped across the mouth and then left in the bathtub.

“When the men ties her ankles, fearing the Kim that they would rape her,” said a source to TMZ.

It was early in the morning as realitystjärnan Kim Kardashian was the victim of an armed robbery in his hotel room in Paris. According to TMZ no less than five masked men, not two as earlier reported, having taken into her hotel room. The men should have been dressed as police officers and has been armed.

According to sources for TMZ to Kim Kardashian have been in his hotel bed, only wearing a bathrobe, when she heard a sound on the stairs outside the door. The star should have rolled of the bed and tried to call his bodyguard, but is interrupted by the five armed men before the call arrived.

the Robbers reportedly tied to Kim Kardashian in the hands and feet. When they grabbed hold of her ankles to bind them, will the star have thought that they were about to rape her. This is according to an informant for TMZ.

Kim Kardashian should then have become locked up in the bathroom, where she was bound in the bathtub while the robbers searched the room for valuables. The star should have screamed for his life and asked the robbers not to kill her, because she had small children at home. She’ll also be yelling that she has money and that they had to take what they wanted, only they let her live.

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Kim Kardashian prayed for his life

According to TMZ should Kim Kardashian have told the police that the robbers did not speak English, but only French, and that they should have repeated the word “ring” several times. According to nöjessajten to star crying have told the perpetrators were all of the jewelry was and screaming prayed for his life. Then the robbers have taped her mouth to silence her screams.

Kim Kardashian should have been tied up in the bathtub after the robbery, according to TMZ should have been over in six minutes.

According to the same site should the robbers have taken it to Kim Kardashian after having tied and pistolhotat the hotel’s concierge. They should have had with him jewelry worth over sek 100 million from Kim Kardashians rooms. According to the Daily Mail relating to it, including a smyckesbox worth over 57 million, and a ring worth 38.5 million dollars. It is not yet known if it is all about the big engagement ring that Kim Kardashian received from her husband Kanye West.

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Kim Kardashian left Paris.

Only hours after the robbery and after having given his testimony to the police in France, left the Kim Kardashian of the country. This is according to the Daily Mail. During the Monday afternoon rejoined the married couple in New York city during the great säkerhetspådrag with up to 20 security guards. After Kim and Kanye had returned together to his apartment on Manhattan gathered a group of security guards outside the entrance to the building to guard.

Kanye West stopped his concert at the Meadow festival in New York on Monday, when he received the news about what had happened to his wife. In the middle of a song he went off the stage and announced to the crowd that he had an “emergency”.

” I’m sorry, I have an emergency in the family, I have to cancel the show, said the rapper from the stage.

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