Monday, October 10, 2016

Ken Ring put down” – a successful PR-coup – financial times

Congratulations, Ken Ring!

the Weekend’s all "Ken Ring put down"articles are one of the most successful PR-coup for a long time.

No, Ken Ring should not add the music down.

But that did not stop the news from that burst on Sunday afternoon, based on an outraged Facebook post where the rapper among other things, wrote:

"Why am I to put down? Why? For when I started this was a way for us to live." and "I don’t feel I have reached more to say in hell."

With more or less the same headings was trumpeted the news: "Ken Ring put down the music" (Expressen), "Ken Ring puts down his artistic career" (Today’s News), "Ken Ring put down the music" (SVT cultural news).

But just to Expressen seems to Ken Ring to confirm that he actually meant what he had written:

"Those who do not believe it know nothing about what this is all about," he wrote in an email to the newspaper.

"at Least two albums to be"

When the late SVT’s culture news part of the rapper, he has already begun to waver in their own beliefs. He points out that he has several albums at once. It sounds more like he, as well as 10 million other swedes, thinking of maybe retire sometime in the future.

– There will be at least two albums… but it’s getting to be time soon. If I manage to stop, ” says Ken Ring to the culture news.

In the same way, he expresses himself in a new post on Facebook posted during Sunday night:

"I said it’s time to plan my finish artist Ken Ring. But they have two albums, at least in me." he writes, and adds that he wants to focus more on music, through its record label and less on his own artistry: "I will never leave the music. I shall become the greatest in music Sweden. I can promise you!"

at Least two more albums, then.

Yet the title of the cultural news that Ken Ring "the putting down the music".

Just to congratulate Ken

When Today’s News will publish his article, also equipped with the same "put down"-the heading, is it already Monday morning.

Then, Ken Ring had time to write even a Facebook-post:

"What a torment it was. NO I will not stop now. Has released two albums at least left in me." he writes.

Ken Ring also gets in a swipe against the journalists who reported: "It goes a little too far when the media starts to write."

And he has a point. He’ll play in "at least" two more albums and then possibly put his artistic career on the shelf "if I manage to quit". He has both said and written on the same Facebook page where he on Sunday announced that he "knows the order to put down".

It is just to congratulate Ken Ring that he managed to get the maximum media space in minimal time. Several of Sweden’s largest news aggregators brassar out a novelty that doesn’t really seem to sue. And Ken Ring can take the opportunity to tell you about two upcoming album and that he’s going out and playing all around Sweden during the fall and winter.
nice job, Ken!


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