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Solange makes music of his frustration – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Solange Knowles trying to get the world to learn how to handle their anger. Lesson 1: Give expression and free outlet for the!

Solange: A seat at the table (album)

It is strange that time is not stopped for Solange, as it recently did for Frank Ocean when he released an album for about as long radio silence. “A seat at the table”, Solanges political epics that had taken several years to make, deserves immediate tidsfrysning.

She calls it her punkalbum. It doesn’t sound like a depends on that the genre is used as a code for the feeling that is taking the most space on the disc.

Studies have shown that boys and girls are raised differently in how they should manage their anger. Girls are more inclined to keep it within themselves, which can lead to depression and other psychological problems as an adult. So-called “anger management” should not only include learning to control his anger, but also to express it.

Earlier this year, Beyonce, Solanges sister, an example of how it can look when the cup runs over. In a particularly memorable scene from the “Lemonade” smashed her car windows with a baseball bat with yellow klänningsvolanger raging around them.

“You’ve got the right to ask mad/But when you carry it alone you find it only getting in the way/They say you gotta let it go,”sings Solange on Lil Wayne-guest on “Mad”. The hip-hop entrepreneur Master P, who pops up as narrator on the cd, know where the frustration should be placed: “In the’mma put it into my music”.

In a better world would Solange do not explicitly need to ask people to let her hair be in peace (literally and figuratively) but the world is not better and, therefore, there is now a “Don’t touch my hair”. Of increasingly a brass instrument, she takes the help of Sampha to really push the message.

Other well-chosen guests are Q-Tip, Kelela and The Dream. Solanges own parents can be heard in the låtskarvarna, equipped with anecdotes, speeches, and pepper.

Mellanspelen works as a sealant but also as a reminder. No one should, even in the most pleasant of r&b-the landscapes, forget Solanges punkagenda.

the Songs grew out of the several phases. The text of the “Cranes in the sky,” wrote Solange over instrumentalspår from Raphael Saadiq in a hotel room eight years ago. When “A seat at the table” began to take shape she returns to the song and it is today one of the disc’s most beautiful.

another is “Don’t wish me well” that is built up from orgelallvar and gets its climax in properly drawn out, almost euphoric, vowels in the chorus of an electronic åttiotalsflimmer.

lies in the theme’s nature, the album feels less dance floor than “True”, her last ep, which in addition produced together with danskungen Devonté Hynes. Parts of “A seat at the table” was in a small house in the city of New Iberia in Louisiana, where she went to rummage in the familjerötter and explore their identity, not at least specifically that of the black woman in America.

The two videos that have been released is travel in the textures: from the guldmålad skin to brittle plastpåsematerial. In videoversionen to “Cranes in the sky”, that does not give any clues as to if titelordet aims of the cranes or cranes, you can see Solange in a pink jacket to be expressed from a jättetub toothpaste. It is a luxury that, in addition to all the musical boxed activism have an aesthetic dimension, where each scene is worthy of a photograph.


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