Wednesday, October 5, 2016

SD member: Let Bonnier magazines go under – Aftonbladet

in Order to reduce the Bonnier’s dominance in the media like SD’s mp Anna Hagwall remove the least to the country’s local papers.

She also want to ensure that the scheduling of the SVT will be like “in the 50-60s”.

” Let the little Bonnierska newspapers in the provinces to go under. No family, ethnic group or company should be allowed to control more than five percent of the media, writing SD-top in an email to Aftonbladet.

Anna Hagwall sitting in parliament for The sweden democrats, among others, in the skatteutskottet.

In a motion to the parliament, she goes forward with the proposal to abolish the least, in order to reduce the Bonniers power.

“eighty percent of the media is owned and controlled by one and the same owner. It is not acceptable. Therefore, a proliferation in the ownership of the media, which are distributed in more independent companies and people. To change this, I propose removing public subsidies”. SEE ALSO PLUS LIST: the Greatest scandals in SD

Receive no public subsidies

however, the Problem is that among the 80-odd newspapers that parts of the largest part of the least – operating aid of 436 million per year – are no Bonniertidningar.

“No, I can’t find any of them,” says Elin Johansson-the Need, programme officer at Presstödsnämnden.

on the other hand, newspapers like the Värmlands Folkblad, Skånska Dagbladet, Dalademokraten and Sydostran part of the operating support.

140 of the country’s newspapers may also share the on the smaller part of the press aid scheme, the so-called the funding which distributors receive on 50 million, and there are also Bonniertidningarna.

When the newspaper Aftonbladet asking the question to Anna Hagwall so refuses her an interview, but then answers the questions via e-mail.

How would the removal of the least to the country’s local newspapers to reduce the Bonniers power over the media in Sweden?

– most of The small newspapers controlled directly or indirectly by Bonnier, and why he should get paid by the Swedish taxpayers is a mystery. The small newspapers in rural areas, has become the direct or indirect mouthpiece to DN/Bonnier, writes Anna Hagwall in an email to Aftonbladet and continues:

” Let the little Bonnierska newspapers in the rural areas go in for then occurs a vacuum that can be filled by magazines that cares about people and entrepreneurs in the locality.

Ethnic groups

at the same time, she says in the same line of reasoning to ägandekoncentrationen really would not be affected:

” of Course, affect the a removed public subsidies is not concentration of ownership but it opens up for others to be heard.

Therefore, to SD-member have a regulated media market, where, among other things, the ethnicity should be a factor and where the ownership may not be greater than five percent, she writes.

” No family, ethnic group or company should be allowed to control directly/indirectly more than five percent of the media.

Anna Hagwall also want to make SVT’s channels to pay-per-view and only keep a channel open. This is to reduce SVT’s “the agency of politically correct agenda”.

– The free-to-air channel, all broadcasting only one hour in the morning, an hour in the afternoon and 3-4 hours in the evening.

She thought that scheduling in Sveriges Television should be approximately the same as 50 years ago.

– Testimony that in the 50-60-ies. However, it should be rethought, writes SD-top.

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