Saturday, October 8, 2016

Swedish singer attacked – got the glass bottle in the head – Aftonbladet

Punk band Jävlaranammas singer Tom Glasberg got a bottle thrown at his head during the gig in Gothenburg and was taken to hospital by ambulance.

the Police headlining the event as ill-treatment, writes GöteborgsPosten.

“He has got to sew a number of stitches in the forehead and got quite a grave concussion,” says Carl Krysell, bass player in the band.

During the Swedish punk band Jävlaranammas gig in Gothenburg during the Saturday night threw someone out of the audience a glass bottle towards the stage four songs into the concert. The bottle hit the singer Tom Glasberg in the head, he collapsed on stage and dropped the microphone to the floor, reports the Most.
– We had to send him by ambulance to the hospital where he remains. He has got to sew a number of stitches in the forehead and got quite a grave concussion, ” says Carl Krysell, bass guitarist of the band, to Nöjesbladet.

According to the Krysell got Glasberg be led off the stage. The concert was then canceled. To stop the blood from the head was a towel.
– It was white from the beginning, now the red.

Krysell perceived the mood of the concert as well, until the accident.
– the Atmosphere was great. It was hard that this happened because it felt like it was the best night in a long time. We had picked out the guest artists who never got to go on the stage.

What is the plan now?
– We will hold discussions tomorrow on a new date for the show. We have not decided anything yet, but it looks as though we are doing a new gig.

According to the Most denominate the police the incident as assault. In the present situation is not arrested.
– You have checked a few people in the vicinity, ” says True Lagerqvist, officer in charge of police, to the Seed.


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