Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sarah Jessica Parker in the television series Divorce. – Aftonbladet

HOLLYWOOD. It is eleven years since Sarah Jessica Parker ended up chasing the love of "Sex and the city".

In the new tv series tackles a different stage in the tvåsamheten.


“I’m surrounded by broken relationships,” says 51-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker when she receives Nöjesbladet at a hotel in Beverly Hills.

"Divorce" feels like a logical continuation of the immensely popular tv series. It revolved around the four girls ‘ the single life in Manhattan in New York city has now been replaced by family life in a small american town.

But instead of dreaming about the one dreaming of her character, Frances, to leave it no longer the right one.

– the line that captures it best is when Frances says, "Sometimes I feel happy, but when I come home and see your car in the driveway drops my heart".

” I am convinced that many will recognize themselves in the description. The image is simply the reality for many marriages and relationships.

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do not shy away from the topic

considering that Sarah Jessica Parker is both and the next years has been married to his colleague Matthew Broderick in 20 years, the supplementary question given.

But the bait bites, she is not on.

“I don’t want to talk about the state of my marriage,” says the actress whose husband two years ago was surrounded by otrohetsrykten.

However, the slopes she is not of the substance as such.

” My parents divorced when I was little. I have siblings who no longer are married, friends who are divorced. All have stories to tell.

"It works because we don’t talk about it"

that made It easier to when Sarah Jessica Parker and her business partner, Alison Benson, began to develop the project.

” I have always been interested in the landscape of a marriage. From the beginning it was not intended that I would be involved. But HBO wanted to have with me both outside and in the project, ” she says.

The last few days, several long-term Hollywoodäktenskap succumbed, among others, Angelina jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s, just like Naomi Watts and Liev Sweden.

On the question of how her relationship with Hollywoodmått measured managed to keep in eternity shrugs her shoulders.

” We don’t look at it as a job or as something temporary. I think it works for that we don’t talk about it.

And maybe because she tackles it on tv.


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