Saturday, October 8, 2016

The friend in tears after Cameron knocked out – Aftonbladet

Cameron Jai got the least votes and was forced to leave Idol.

his Friend and competitor Rebecka Karlsson burst into tears after the announcement.
– I am very shocked that Cameron should go home, ” she says to Nöjesbladet.

the 11 participants was 10 when Cameron Jai was forced to leave the competition during Friday’s finale in "Idol".

– It is not great fun, but I feel that I delivered everything I can, ” he said from the stage.

his Friend and competitor Rebecka Karlsson reacted strongly to Cameron’s forced to leave the contest.
– I started to cry. It was my first instinct, I just cried. For I knew that he will not be here by my side anymore, ” she says.

Rebecka says how surprised she is about the decision.
– I am very shocked that Cameron should go home.

She continues:
– We have supported each other emotionally. We have helped each other in this and it will be a bit lonely and empty without his buddy up there.


During the evening expressed the Cameron song "See you again" by Wiz Khalifa. Something that was received with mixed score from the jury.
– I think you are a tremendous asset in "Idol" this year, ” said Fredrik Kempe, but pointed out that he thought that Cameron sang in a high tenor.

Nikki Amini questioned whether Cameron was ready for an "Idol".
– I start to think about all the stronger if this is too early for you. I really see that you develop longer, she said.

"perhaps She was right"

When Nöjesbladet meets Cameron after the broadcast, he agrees with with Nikki.

” perhaps She was right, I am only 16 years old. I feel like I’m ready but I may not be there, ” he says.

the Plan now is to continue on the same trajectory.
– I’ll continue with music as much as I can so I’ll see what happens. This is not the end of me, ” he says.


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