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The star’s response to criticism from the McEnroe – Expressen

GOTHENBURG, sweden. Two weeks ago, John McEnroe out and criticized the film “the Borg”, and claimed that the actors would not convince in the lead roles.

Now give the star to play him, Shia LaBeouf, 30, a mysterious response:

” He is a tough guy to track down. But I know a lot of people around him, ” says the actor to Expressen.

Småbarnsfamiljerna playing in the autumn sun, completely unaware that just a few feet away from them is a hedonistic party. Restaurant Bac’n in Gothenburg has been transformed into a dazzling Studio 54, and Sverrir Gudnason should just make an entrance that Björn Borg.

– There is a moment in bob’s life, where he was exposed to the global jetsetlivet, ” says Danish director Janus Metz (who previously directed, among other parts of "True detective").

” It’s an exciting moment of orgies, nudity and everything that comes with berömmelsens temptations that Bear suddenly subjected to.

Shia LaBeouf on location

In place of the recording, it is quite easy to understand what he means. For among statisterna abuzz with actions glittering busboy and guldsprejade toplesstjejer. An hour earlier during the press conference has Shia LaBeouf waved happily to one of the scantily clad guys. Hollywood star who is known for going a bit further than all others in order to live in a role, is in a good mood. Does not seem to care very much about that McEnroe does not believe that either he or Sverrir Gudnason will convince physically in their roles. "But apparently he is crazy so maybe it’s working", said the tennis star recently to Vanity Fair.

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” But he has not seen the film, defends itself LaBeouf when Expressen asks and continue.

” I’m pretty sure of what we do and look forward to showing him the movie. We love John, and have been very inviting from our side. Sooner or later we will be linked together, and then I think he will like what we have done.

John McEnroe has drawn criticism

Himself has McEnroe in an interview with Vanity Fair, by criticising the fact that he has not had the opportunity to come with input to the film, and says that the production seems to want to talk with him. But the producer Fredrik Wikström Nicastro has a different view on the matter:

” We have contacted both Björn and John, at an early stage. Almost a year ago. We’ve told you about the movie, and invited them to be as active as they want to in the film. Both have had the opportunity to read the script. We have an ongoing dialogue with Björn because he lives in Sweden. None of us have met John yet, but it is only a matter of time, “he says, and LaBeouf fills engaged in:

” He is a tough guy to track down. But I know a lot of people around him, and know that messages go back to him, and that everything is good, ” he says, and get the journalists to laugh.

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John McEnroe may doubt, but in place of the recording, it is more difficult to question the huvudrollsinnehavarnas physical qualities. The actors conveyed in the way to make up, and when Sverrir Gudnason steps out in bell-bottom pants, dark jacket, chain around the neck, and guldlockarna surging along the back, it is a staggering encounter with the young Borg’s doppelganger.


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