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terms and Conditions for the digital account of the user of the NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning.

Published on February 29, 2016.

These terms and conditions apply between NTM AB, org no 556741-2340/AB Upsala nya Tidning, org no 556024-6927 and you as the account holder of the NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning member services.


terms and Conditions apply to your use of the NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning’s digital account services to be made available via the websites or mobile platforms NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning provide. Your access and use of the services requires that you accept the conditions. You agree to the terms and conditions when you register yourself, i.e. create a digital account of the user, at NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning’s web pages or mobile platforms.


to register for the use of medlemstjänsterna you must be over the age of 13. Are you under the age of 18 years are required in addition to your målsmäns approval for you to register and use the services. By registering and creating an account, you represent and warrant you have obtained such consent from your parents or guardians. You are always considered to assure the accuracy of such information that you provide about yourself. To buy from us, you must be 18 years of age and of legal age. By your purchase you warrant and represent that the information you provide about yourself is true and correct.


Our services give you the opportunity to take part of a changing content of news, utility and recreation. NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning, renews and improves the service continuously, which means that we without notice may add to, change and remove content and features. NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning reserves the right for any typing errors on our web pages, or other mobile platform where information on the services.


Your membership is valid until further notice from NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning’s receipt of your registration. You may terminate your membership at any time. A termination is done in writing via e-mail.


to get access to medlemstjänsterna need you to create an individual user account according to the instructions provided in our digital customer service. You may use your account exclusively for non-commercial use. If an account is used for other purposes, the NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning the right to close the account with immediate effect. You vouched for the information that you provide via your account are correct and to update your details if necessary. You shall keep your login information to your account secure and inaccessible to other persons. If you have reason to suspect that any unauthorised person has taken part of your user information, you should immediately inform the NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning about this. You are responsible for any damage caused by any unauthorised person has used your information.


After you register for a digital account you will be able to utilize medlemstjänsterna. The tasks you are asked to fill in at registration will be your user account. We ask that you check that these details are correct. If any assignment is not correct, you should change these via the "My pages" on your user account in our digital customer service.


All content provided by medlemstjänsterna, such as texts, still images and moving images, graphics, artwork and computer code, are protected by copyright law (1960:729) and rights thereto held by the AB Upsala nya Tidning or its licensors. You to create an account and use the medlemstjänsterna gives you no right to reproduce, copy, assign, lease, transfer or other use of such content present in the medlemstjänsterna nor to use that AB Upsala New Newspaper brands and characteristics. AB Upsala nya Tidning, brands and trademarks is protected by varumärkesrättslig legislation.


When you register for a digital account, you agree that the NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning keeps a record of the group’s customers and users who have registered or bought something at ELY.

the Register contains personal data as name, birth/social security number, address, phone numbers, electronic addresses, delivery and payment and purchasing responsibilities, profiling based on the address and the data based on the use of digital services.

the Data used by NTM for billing information and delivery of products, as well as marketing and as the basis for statistics and product development. The data can serve as a basis for NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning can retrieve information from external sources in order to keep the registry up to date and be able to complete your personal information and to ensure that the content, deals and the advertising which are provided from us and our partners suit you and your interests.

the Data are analyzed and grouped before the selection, prioritization and planning of contacts with the customer/user. The data is connected one or more markers about what kind of customization of web services and marketing communications that are directed towards the user, so-called profiling.

ELY’s customers and registered users agree that marketing can be done through mail, telephone, or e-mail and sms messaging, and other digital channels. You also acknowledge that direct marketing may be sent to you via e-mail, sms, or another function. However, you have always the right to opt out of further direct marketing, which you do either on your account or by the use of the use of this feature in the e-mail messages, text messages, or other messages that we or our partners send to you. If you are under 16 years of age, we will not send direct marketing to you.

Personal data will be disclosed to the authority only where required with the support of law or official regulation. All users have the right to request, in writing, without cost, withdraw consent, request a statement or correction/deletion of any inaccurate data. The register can also be requested from the NTM’s customer service centre.

Personal data will be kept during the time you have an ongoing användarrelation and a time thereafter.


AB Upsala nya Tidning uses cookies on the websites and in the medlemstjänsterna. Cookies are a small text file from our web server which is stored in the visitor computer. Cookies are used to collect statistics about our readers and to personalise parts of the site and our products & services. In addition, cookies are used to control our ads. If you want to avoid the cookies from AB Upsala nya Tidning and our partners, you can remove these or choose to cookies are not stored in your browser. You do this in the settings of your browser. Keep in mind that your personal settings on our websites thus lost. You are also reminded that changes to the settings in your browser may affect the functionality and some content in our digital services.


Your access to the medlemstjänsterna is at the time, depending of you have the required hardware and software, such as programs for the web browser and e-mail, and the appropriate subscription for the internet connection. AB Upsala nya Tidning assumes no liability for your access to the hardware and software and not for the functionality of these or where the costs that third parties, such as internet – or mobile phone operators, can condition themselves by you in respect of your use of the medlemstjänsterna. Medlemstjänsterna supported by the latest browserna.


except as otherwise indicated by the terms and conditions apply to the following disclaimers regarding the NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning responsibility. NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning disclaims any liability attributable to the medlemstjänsterna, including the sites, function, accessibility, quality, usability or security. The disclaimer covers any damage, direct or indirect, which may be attributed to the use, or the inability to use, medlemstjänsterna, including the materials or information attributable to medlemstjänsterna. Further disclaims NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning, from any and all liability for the information, products, services, offers etc from third parties, regardless of whether you have been informed of this by your access to medlemstjänsterna. The fact that a disclaimer in accordance with the above would go beyond what follows from mandatory law does not affect the disclaimers in general.


NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning has the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions. A change in conditions shall enter into force no earlier than thirty (30) days after the revised terms have been communicated to you via the email address which you have provided and kept available in your digital account. If you do not accept villkorsändringen to you within the above mentioned 30-day period to cancel your membership of the medlemstjänsterna.

13. DISPUTE resolution

the terms and Conditions and your use of the Medlemstjänsterna governed by Swedish law and any disputes shall be settled by a Swedish court of general jurisdiction.

14. CONTACT details

You are always welcome to contact NTM AB/AB Upsala nya Tidning via our contact page, click here.


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