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This makes Björn Skifs comeback on the stage – the Express newspaper

This makes Björn Skifs comeback on the stage.

After a month’s sick leave is the artist is back with a performance.

“Everything went very good tonight, a great feeling to be back on stage!”, writes the artist in a text message.

Björn Skifs, 69, is back on stage after his collapse. It was in August that he fainted in the home, and got a concussion. The case was so bad that the star had to sew and spend several days in the hospital. He was forced to set up all the jobs and gigs that were planned – but he is now back again.

It is with the show “now and then”, which is played on the Göta Lion scene in Stockholm, which the artist makes his comeback.

“Everything went very good tonight, a great feeling to be back on stage!”, writes Björn Skifs in a text message after his comeback on the scene.

Surprised by Markoolio

On the stage, he was another companion of the musician Claes af Geijerstam and the artist Markoolio. Visit that he did not know about before they appeared on stage together with him and that surprised him pleasantly.

Björn Skifs-acclaimed also its audience, which was on the spot to see him make a comeback. It was when a person in the audience asked Björn Skifs what was the most fun and the best that the artist knew that the artist must have answered:

– It is this that I do now.

the Artist also sang several songs on stage, told us about memories from his career and let the audience ask him questions. He told about when he performed at the wedding of crown princess Victoria and should have called the experience “really fun, but very strange”.

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Björn Skifs making a comeback on the scene

It is after a month’s sick leave which he now stands on the stage again. The last artist standing on the stage was together with his colleague Tommy Körberg, 68.

It was after their joint appearance at the Skansen Björn Skifs fainted. The remaining joint performances were cancelled, but will be played next year around Sweden.

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” Now I have rested a month and feel good. I am now running again and it feels feels very good, ” said Björn Skifs to TV4 News for tonight’s performance.

Björn Skifs also told the channel that the audience would come to know him in a different way and getting him closer to in the new show.

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