Thursday, October 6, 2016

This throws Carola clothes – for the children of the world – financial times

Carola dressed by both the dress and shoes in P4, Extras live and auctioned them to charity.

Then walked the popular artist out in the höstkylan.

“It’s cold, but it is there for many children,” she says.

Carola Häggkvist took all the tricks in order to raise money for the charity marathon children in the World when she performed on P4 Extra on Thursday afternoons The artist participated in the program, to help raise money for Radiohjälpens campaign for vulnerable children.

And she offered a nakenchock. Carola Häggkvist undressed of dress and shoes in the live broadcast and donated them to the Radiohjälpens auction.

– in Order to sympathize with the children who did not have shoes or clothes so I wanted to auction off something in the interview with Lotta Bromé in the day, ” she says.

"You should give what you like"

the Choice fell on a black dress.

” I looked through my wardrobe this morning and found a dress that I had on me at the polar music prize as I think about private. You should give what you want and not just left overs, then I thought that then it may be the.

She was also the host of the show Lotta Bromé to dress herself, and bestow their shirt. Then walked her out of the Radiohuset barefoot and in just underklänning and took a chat with Nöjesbladet before she jumped into his waiting taxi.

"not Usually like this slender"

Why is this issue so important to you?

– that children are our future and that children are children and should not have to be exposed to all the distress that they do out in the world. We must do something together, small and large. And it can get cost, both time and money. We may bleed a bit.

How much freezes you now?

– It is cold, but it is for many children also. I’m not usually like this slender, especially not now when you are over 50. But I want to do this for them. The cold is already up and running now and the autumn, when you have children in the school.

Radiohjälpens campaign for the World children are being held between 26 september and 7 October.


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