Thursday, October 6, 2016

Therefore went Carola taxi – in underwear – Göteborgs-Posten

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg

Fun When Carola Häggkvist visited the Swedish Radio she threw the clothes to raise money for the children of the World.

During the torsdagseftermiddagen visited Carola Häggkvist, Swedish Radio program P4 Extra to help to raise money for the charity marathon children in the World. In the middle of the program took the singer off her clothes in front of the presenter Lotta Bromér and donated them to the Radiohjälpens collection where they will be auctioned.

“Have put on me one of my finest dresses, shoes and bag – as I had at the polar music prize in 2016 – in order to auction it in the radio for the children of the World and work the world over,” writes Carola on Instagram.

She also tells us that she’ll do something “playful”.

“I simply go out of radiohuset barefoot and in my underklänning (if not, Lotta may, of me also, (haha),” writes Carola.

all Said and done. After the end of the programme, she left the radiohuset in Stockholm in just underklänning.

- It is cold, but it is for many children also. I’m not usually like this slender, especially not now when you are over 50. But I want to do this for them. The cold is already up and running now and the autumn, when you have children in school, ” she says to Aftonbladet.

at the time Of writing has Carola Häggkvist dress 222 bud was of the leading is set at 10 sek 600.

“I want to encourage all of us and more in our country to be generous towards each other, regardless of how much or how little we have,” greets Carola on Instagram.


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