Thursday, January 12, 2017

Katerina Janouch requires Wolodarski resigns – financial times

Raging in posts on Facebook

After that Katerina Janouch commented on the Swedish refugee policy wrote Hynek Pallas, an article in the DN.

In a long post on Facebook expressing Katerina Janouch his anger over the article and now require that the DN’s editor-in-chief Peter Wolodarski less.
– His rule of DN is a shame, she writes on Facebook.

During an interview in the Czech tv shared Katerina Janouch their opinions on the Swedish refugee policy.

According to an article in dagens nyheter, written by journalist Hynek Pallas Katarina Janouch told us that she started with vapenträning.

"I am not sure. More and more swedes learn to shoot", should the author have said, according to Pallas.
As Pallas she should also have said that too much multikultur is that "when you översaltar food".

"Is a disgrace"

In a long post on Facebook requires now Janouch Peter Wolodarski, the editor-in-chief and responsible publisher at dagens nyheter, depart.
"in my opinion, Peter Wolodarski not remain as editor-in-chief in a democratic country with 250 years of freedom of expression. His rule of DN is shameful," she writes.

She also claims that the reason that she ‘ been hanged out", as she describes it is an old argument. According to Janouch has her dad been at loggerheads with the Pallas’s father.

"So banal is actually background, that I hung out and hunted by the Swedish media.", she writes

Have been arguing on Twitter

According to Janouch, she and Pallas have had a conflict on Twitter after she appeared in the Czech tv.

"Dad Jiri Pallas gave in the discussion on Facebook and called my dad "fuskprofessor". Yes, you hear the level!", she writes.

She also believes that she is misquoted in the Pallas article, and feel black.

DN stated that the idea of Pallas article was to highlight how Janouchs statements "created a skewed image of Sweden in a foreign context".
"A phenomenon that the DN previously noted in several articles. For these statements, she has received a lot of harsh criticism from several quarters. I can’t get from the impression that she is now trying to get the debate to be about something other than these criticized the statements, write Björn Wiman, director of cultural affairs at the DN to Nöjesbladet.

"the Writer stands for analysis"

Wiman also points out that it is about an article.
"the Publication was in the form of an article in newspapers, where the writer is responsible for analysis and opinions. In this article, Katerina Janouch ago replikerat in the usual way, and Pallas, in turn, responded, as it usually go to," he writes.

she claims that She is misquoted?
"It’s a long-established order in that culture – and opinionsjournalistik has the form of this kind of free exchange of views, which differ from the pure news reporting – which, of course, also other media, such as Expressen, have been involved, among other things, by being the first to report on the Piratförlagets reaction to Katerina Janouchs statements," he writes.


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