Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sweden’s largest bookstore selling anti-semitic works – Göteborgs-Posten

Literature Adlibris, the Nordic region’s largest bookstore, selling literature which, according to the foundation Expo can be described as serious anti-semitic works. – these books are unfortunately with us. It is regrettable, but we work with it, ” says Adlibris informational Linnea Wiklund to the GP.

Amazon sells anti-semitic literature, it is reported by the foundation Expo. In the bookstore’s selection occurs among other things the anti-semitic publication “Zion protocol”, with several other writings of the Expo is described as anti-semitic, such as “the Turner Diaries” and “the International Jew – the World’s Foremost Problem.”

According to the Expo is “Zion protocol” a pamphlet with an anti-semitic message that has been spread around in parts of the world since the beginning of the 1900s. In the cast suspicions to the jews and asserts that there is a jewish world conspiracy.

Still there: “a Few hours”

Since the Expo’s reporting has “Zion protocols” is removed from the Amazon catalog.

– We have since gone in and removed it. This is not the kind of thing that we are going to sell, ” says Linnea Wiklund, information officer at Amazon, to the GP.

Nevertheless, one can still buy “The Turner Diaries” and “the International Jew – the World’s Foremost Problem” on Thursday afternoons According to Amazon, it is because of the site update has not yet gone through.

– in The case of a few hours before they’ll be gone, ” says Linnea Wiklund.

“We’re trying to be proactive”

It is not the first time that Amazon is selling the literature which have been linked to anti-semitism, both the Expo and the SVT has previously drawn attention to similar cases. Already in 2003, it took the Expo up to the “Zion protocol” was featured in Amazon range. 2013 drew the attention of the SVT to the same tract was sold again.

According to Linnea Wiklund, it is because it is imported in over 75 000 titles from suppliers in the united states and England to the Amazon library each month.

– Each time something publish something, it can be a single person, so there will be a new title in our range. It thus becomes a new identity each time. We are trying to be proactive to remove it, but it is difficult, ” she says.


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