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Linnea in ”Farmer seeks wife”: TV4 used the other girls – Aftonbladet

Has scored more hat after his version of the recording: "It was förjävligt"

Linnea Åberg maintains that the TV4 knew that she and Erik had fallen for each other already before the "Farmer seeks wife"-the recording session.

And mean that the channel took advantage of the other girls.

“I absolutely think,” she says.

yesterday chose Linnea Åberg, 21, to tell his version of the game behind the "Farmer seeks wife", that the production knew that she and Erik Bäckman, 21, chosen each other, but urged them to be quiet. "TV4 was wrong! Dom did not reveal the truth about us. They were so nice to write of yesterday", she writes and maintains for Nöjesbladet that the production knew that they had fallen for each other before filming.

– I was sad during the recording when we had mosquitoes in the us and Erik whispered, "you don’t need to be worried about. You are my favorite, soon it is just you and I". The production heard it in their shells and took Erik aside and said, "we heard what you said, you are not allowed to say it in front of the cameras or to the girls. Continue as usual, ” she says.

How did it feel?

– It was förjävligt. We wanted to tell you, it was no fun to lie to the girls and letting them believe it was something else.

Exploited TV4 the other girls?

– Yes, absolutely. I don’t know what they know, but they told us that they noticed that there was something between me and Erik. My said "it felt like I was one step behind all the time." She wanted to go home, but the team is thrilled her to stay and said, "you have a chance, he likes you too," she says.

They lied?

– Yes.

My feel tricked by Erik

My Niklasson that was left on Eric’s farm to the last, and broke down in tears when the, feel rather cheated out of Erik.

– I don’t think that TV4 has put us in the situation of Erik and Linnea said from sufficiently sharp in order to understand what really happened. Erik had apparently decided and should have said to us how it was.

But if he was in a bind because of the contract?

– I do not think that it was so. But this is nothing I go around and about, I have moved on. I do not understand why Erik and Linnea will take this up again.

Clara Tengbom, executive producer at TV4, it is a lie that the production would have to know something.

– I’m not on the road but have full confidence for the production. This we didn’t want to. If Eric told us that he already made his choices had, of course, we found a solution, she writes in a text message.

Got the hat among the card

TV4 have not heard of to Erik and Linnea after the blog post, it has however, näthatarna.

– Many think that it was wrong that I wrote it, that it was enough as it was. We have not been prepared on that the programme would give birth to so much hatred about things people don’t know anything about, we’ve got so much crap. Among the christmas cards, Erik received a letter with a cutout picture of him and the text "Farmer looking for a whore," she says.

For Linnea Åberg has it been important to tell the truth about the tv program. Now, when it is done, they want to move on.

– Yes, you want it to end so that you can live normally again.


Information about…

That she and Erik would have been to "be known":

– I didn’t want to be with, I have a phobia for cameras, but both Erik and the producer stoked me and promised to be of support. No sane person wants to go through what we went through. It was worth it because I got Erik in the end, but it’s been a sick trip

that they would be with the "in order to get a free trip":

– It is sick that people think that we would be with in the whole process to go on a trip. But the journey was cozy, even if I and Erik were the only couple who have not got the time for yourself. The trip went out on the getting to know each other, so it was bad of them, we think.

that she and Erik met in secret during the midsummer, two days before the recording:

– maybe That was foolish. We got not.

On TV4′s mowing:

– I think that they painted the wrong picture of us, we’ve got so much crap after they angled us wrong. They have played on that Erik thinks about everything and everyone and that I am blown. We knew of course that there will be writings and talk, but not that people would hate so much and that it would go so far.


Erik and Linnea broke against TV4′s contract – celebrated midsummer together


"Farmer"-Erik and Linnea has become engaged to


Pawn-Erik and Linnea are now selling the farm


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