Sunday, January 8, 2017

Peter Sarstedt the death of 75 – year-old- after neurological disease – Aftonbladet

Peter Sarstedt.Photo: Bo Håkansson


the Artist Peter Sarstedt has died 75 years old, writes the BBC.

According to the family died after a six-year battle with a neurological disease.

He is the man behind succéhitten "Where do you go to my lovely?", which topped the singles chart in the Uk in early 1969.

Now Peter Sarstedt died 75 years old. The family confirms the death of the BBC.

He toured for the last time in 2010. Since 2013, he lived in a nursing home and was diagnosed then with dementia, one of the symptoms of the neurological disease progressive supranuclear palsy that he was diagnosed with in 2015. The disease breaks down the body’s mobility and affects the perception for the worse.

According to a statement from the family was they gathered around him when he fell asleep.

Sarstedt wrote the 14 albums during his more than 50-year-long career and released the album "Restless heart", three years ago.


Occurs as a result of a gradual destruction of the brain cells in the basal ganglia, the brainstem and the medulla oblongata. The disease does not occur before the age of 40, the average age of onset is about 65 years.

Common early symptom is difficulty in walking and balance problems. Sudden inexplicable cases often occur, and decreased movement and stiffness particularly in the neck and torso. With time arise from disturbances of vision and the inability to direct the eyes downward. Although dementia occurs.

the Course is progressive, and faster than in Parkinson’s disease, but without sudden changes or new symptoms.

Source: Parkinsonguiden


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