Monday, January 2, 2017

Mariah Careys storbråk after the fiasco of the new year – the Express newspaper

Mariah Carey had a hearty genomklappning on their new year’s concert.

After tabs, she chose to criticize the organizer – something that led to a hard counterattack against balladstjärnan.

Now, she is likely to be sued for defamation, reports TMZ.

Mariah Carey, 46, dropped it entirely on his new year’s concert in Times Square in New York city. The singer came several times during her performance on "Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve".

Carey was, in parts, completely silent when she would perform "Emotions". The singer explained at the scene that her monitor was not working and asked the audience to sing.

But the disaster continued even during the song "We belong together".

“It’s not getting better,” she said on the stage and finished his performance.

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After the fiasco chose Carey to criticize the production company and the promoter behind the concert. Her manager, Stella Bulochnikov gave a statement to Billboard in which she made a sharp attack on the concept for the concert.

"We told them ten minutes before the performance, that the headphones did not work. They changed out the batteries but the headphones did not work four minutes before the show. Then we said to them again, but instead started the count down for the concert and assured that it would work in the live broadcast – which did not happen.", writes Bulochnikov for the Billboard.

Careys manager deeply critical

Stella Bulochnikov claims that she’s since been in contact with Dick Clark’s company and requested that they would turn off the broadcast of the u.s. west coast (which, because of the time difference got to see the show a few hours after it was red. note).

"I asked why they would like to send a concert with technical defects, if it were not for uppmärksamhetens sake. It is oschysst against the artist," writes Bulochnikov for the Billboard.

But the harsh words have not fallen on fertile ground with the production company. The company beat off criticism that it would be their fault that the headphones did not work.

"Under very unusual circumstances, so there are of course technical errors that may occur during the live broadcast. But our investigation suggests that the DCP "Dick Clark production red. note.) was not behind any of the challenges that have with the Mariah Careys new year’s concert.", writes the company.

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Mariah Carey can be sued

the Whistleblowers from the company claims that Carey refused to do a soundcheck for the concert and call her criticisms "absurd". Sources in the company believe that the criticism may be a case of defamation and that Mariah Carey opened up for a possible lawsuit with its claims.

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