Sunday, January 1, 2017

Oldsberg: Not cleaned properly in 15 years – financial times

Took to hire a cleaning firm to clean up before the new year

Oldsberg priority is not happy to vacuum, even if it happens sometimes.
It was 15 years since the last time a hearty spring cleaning took place, until now.
– There’s an order in the disorder, ” says Ingvar Oldsberg to Nöjesbladet.

Ingvar Oldsberg did not like his guests in Bingolottos nyårsprogram would sit themselves at the hotel after the live broadcast. Therefore, he invited guests home for a new year celebration in their big apartment in the centre of Gothenburg. Among these were, among other things, hollywoodfrun Maria blackberry begins work on, her mother Anita Westphal, bästisen Björn Hellberg, Gunhild Carling and the pianist and imitatören Jörgen Mörnbäck.
A month before it was time for the celebration decided Oldsberg for that it was high time to let the apartment to undergo a thorough heavy cleaning. He rented a house cleaning service that is up to the celebrations have been working day and night.
– Yes, it was a necessity due to the I not is this renlevnadsmänniskan in the sense that it is free of dust everywhere. I thought to myself that this is not possible. Now it will hit about twenty persons, there will be food and A chef who will be making duck and lobster. This must be cleaned, ” says Ingvar Oldsberg to Nöjesbladet.

Not storstädat 15 years

According to the Oldsberg got städfirman put down about 70 hours to get the apartment clean again. In grundrengöringen not only dammades, dammsögs and skurades it. Also, paintings were hung up and the window is now.
– But it was the one project I knew that yes would have the benefit of to somewhere yes the clean.
Last Ingvar Oldsberg did a real spring cleaning was a couple of years after the turn of the millennium.
– It’s probably a 10-15 years ago, I would think, ” he says and continues:
– Any spontaneous vacuuming can of course always happen but it’s probably not the one that I give priority to, until I notice th at now we have to do something about it, for now it is 'too much'.
But how could it look like home with you, we are talking a mountain?
– no, No, mountains are not. Of course, there is an order in the disorder. Everything is well-not perfect in the closet, there are some bins here and there.

Hired pianostämmare

Oldsberg points out that it not only was to nyårsgästerna would arrive that he took the extreme städåtgärderna.
– But it was a carrot.
He saw, however, that the tune on the piano because both Gunhild Carling and Jörgen Mörnbeck would come.
– It’s out of tune since ten years back so I got hold of a pianostämmare from Boråstrakten who came down here and put down six hours.
the Next step in the städprocessen is to let the bona floors.
As the crowning has Oldsberg also received new inredningspryl in the gift of the blackberry begins work. – Yes, soon, I have a 'tassel' suspended, ” he says and laughs.


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