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Just over two years ago, author David Lagercrantz the prestigious task – to take over the baton from Stieg Larsson and writing the fourth book about Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist. On August 27 will result.


DN Culture has today published a diary about the advent of “What does not kill us” – one of the largest book lip of the year.






Just over two years ago, author David Lagercrantz the prestigious task – to take over the baton from Stieg Larsson and writing the fourth book about Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist. On August 27 will result.


DN Culture has today published a diary about the advent of “What does not kill us” – one of the largest book lip of the year.


May 2


Bonnierförlagen announces that together with the couple Kepler will form an elite agency for their top sellers. I find the idea strange, and decides to switch literary agent, and calls, therefore, my old friend, Susanne Widen on Hedlund Agency. I and Susanne decide to have lunch with her colleagues.

May 22

I’m sitting at the restaurant Pastis in Old Town with Susanne Widen, Magdalena Hedlund Johanna Kinch. We decide to start a cooperation. From now on, Hedlund Agency to sell my books to foreign publishers, and we are therefore a bit solemn and order the wine.

In the general mirth I draw a discursive theory that I have as a writer is not going to my law on the subject is me too close. I have written lots of neurotic men like myself, I say. But as much as I can about the topic, lifting it still does not.

I feel better when I hurled into something completely foreign – like when Abbe Bonnier shoved me together with my absolute opposite, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, or when I tried to depict the elusive genius Alan Turing.

Magdalena Hedlund asks if I’m also open to ideas within the fiction. Absolutely, I reply.

But I’m not on it.

June 12

The publishing Weyler and Hedlund Agency, largely local, having a party and I’m on my way home when Magdalena Hedlund and Joanna Kinch cry me into their room. They close the door, and I understand that they must come up with any book idea. But I am not very excited for it.

Ever since Zlatan book, I have constantly and even got suggestions on books to write, and I light rarely. Probably, I’m spoiled.

Now ask Magdalena if I can think of to write the continuation of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium books. I mumble, mostly in jest, that I could become Lisbeth Salander ghostwriter just as I was Zlatan.

Maybe she sits somewhere after the bloody drama and want help to write his story. Though no! Lisbeth hardly need help with such nonsense.

I say I’ll think about a sequel. But I manage to forget it pretty well. I can not say that I believe in it.


Me and the family is on Härligö, our holiday island in the Finnish archipelago, and for once I’m not working. I have the counterattack away my father’s old demons that you always have to write and be a good intellectual. I dräller around with the kids instead, and stands out with a rowboat.

In the midst of summer laziness sends Magdalena Hedlund, a little analysis of my novel about Alan Turing, “the Fall in Wilmslow”. Do not understand really why she suddenly takes on it. But I will be glad kind words.

7 August

Norstedts manager and Stieg Larsson’s editor Eva Gedin, wants to meet me in secret at the publisher. I smuggled in through a back door and we come together in a culvert in the basement and talk about the project. For the first time, I feel: it seriously.

When I go home along the Riddarfjärden brought a fever for me.

 August 8

I wake up four in the morning and remember a story I wrote decades ago about a deaf autistic boy without warning suddenly one day perfect drawing of a traffic light. Then I get an idea, and another.

In the space of a few minutes, I have a plot, or at least the beginnings of one, and I’m calling excitedly Magdalena Hedlund.

“I was born to it here. Nobody will be able to do it better. “Said David Lagercrantz Eva Gedin. Photo: Beatrice Lundborg

17 August

I meet Magdalena and Eva Gedin at a small café along the water on Blasieholmen. It was blowing hard, and I’m talking loudly to drown out the wind. Eva friendly nod. But maybe she was not so impressed by my story that I hoped for, and why should she? There is still a long way to a good, complex Stieg Larsson story. Yet happens something peculiar to me. I lean forward and say solemnly:

“I was born for this. Nobody will be able to do it better. “

Although the commentary is both arrogant and pathetic, I think Eva like enthusiasm.

We agreed that I should write a synopsis.

Stieg Larsson solved the problem by letting someone else, preferably lawyer and guardian, Holger Palmgren, tell us about Lisbeth’s background and it is a classic trick of course, writes David Lagercrantz in the diary. Photo: TT

18 August

I walk around at home and nuts: Damn the hell, a synopsis ! Here I have stayed at and written for life and require the synopsis! I have not made a disposition since the Swedish teacher demanded it of me in the ninth grade. I write the word Synopsis top of the paper and must not be from me a word.

19-22 August

Is up early and start reading about “Men who hate women”. I read more and more obsessed. Occasionally taking notes and I write the expressions and characters, and threads. In three or four days I have plowed the three books and scribbled a half block fully. When I sit at the computer again runs synopsis out of my hands. When I got halfway, I ask Anne, my wife, read. I expect a few kind words, and a pair of three councils. Anne says:

“Do not write a word more! It’s brilliant! “

I send the unfinished outline of Eva Gedin and Susanna Romanus Norstedts.

At night I repent deeply:” How the hell could I ship it where drivel? “

23 August

It beeps on the phone. It is from Eva Gedin, and I get scared. Imagine that she’ll write something like: “Why have not even finished writing?”

It says: “So fucking good!”

I raise my arms in the air, as a football player who scored a goal, and goes a long, aroused walk along Årstaviken.

24 August – Sept. 1

My half-finished synopsis translated into English and I eat lunch with Stieg Larsson’s brother, Joakim – which of course have been informed during the entire process – and dizzy and forth between different meetings. Meanwhile, stomping, I started as a race horse! I wanna write. I want it more than anything else in my entire life.

10 September

I have a hard time with introductions. Sometimes I have been sitting for weeks and months with the first pages of some sort of cramp in hopes of finding the perfect idiom, the perfect opening. Sometimes borders on pure pathology. I turn to the words, as an insane pedant.

But here, I refuse to get stuck in some stylistic meanderings. Stieg Larsson’s style was artless and objective, and I should just drum again at once and concentrate on the story.

23 September

Still, it is not. Whatever I try, crawling up my prose, and it makes me mad, especially when the plot is buzzing in me day and night. As I write slowly as a snail, I lie a hundred steps ahead in the tank. At nights bolts heart worrisome soon.

October 6

I’ve got a sprained circadian rhythm. I wake at half past four in the morning and sit down and work. Sometimes I turn in my pdf files of the first three books. But it is becoming less necessary. I have now read the novels three times and their universe has begun to live an independent life in me.

I cancel seven o’clock when the kids wake up and take them to school. On the way home is ticking intrigue me, and I will continue to write until eleven when I crash into bed.

At one o’clock I put in once again and write until half past three in the afternoon when I pick the kids at school . In the evening, I work from and to.

I end the evening with a glass of red wine and discuss the story and day with Anne.

9 October

I drive like an idiot on the stair machine in the gym. But suddenly start heart rush and I sit down on his haunches and succeed just double weight to take me to the locker room.

On the way home through the chilly Stockholm I was gripped by an obsession that I should suffer the same fate as Stieg Larsson .

I try to ignore it. “It was just a bit of panic,” murmurs me. But the thought returns again and again in the weeks to come.

22 October

I have shot up Lisbeth Salander’s entrance in the book . It’s as if I’m afraid of her. Now, I will not escape anymore, and I strap myself in the whole body and lets her smash into the action with their whole grim mystery. But probably I take in too much. She does not feel right. Although I can her inside and out, she did not really life. Slightly rub.

24 October

I stroke and alters and adds. At night I dream of Lisbeth. I am terrified of not doing her justice.

November 15

I’m starting to get track of Lisbeth in the action scenes, and it’s also where she fits. She’s best when she goes to attack and beat the underdog. But it is still difficult to introspection. How do I get her to remember all of the black madness in their childhood without becoming too emotional?

Lisbeth dressed not in the sentimental.

Lisbeth Salander, played by Noomi Rapace in the film adaptation of the Millennium -triologin. Photo: All Over Press

16 November

Stieg Larsson solved the problem by letting someone else, preferably lawyer and guardian, Holger Palmgren, tell us about Lisbeth’s background and it is a classic trick of course.

Mythical geniuses in literature is often seen best from outside. It needed a Doctor Watson to build the myth, and I lean to the same solution. Yet I refuse to give up the idea to creep closer into Lisbeth’s thoughts.

I want to understand the whole throbbing desire in her to fight back and take revenge.

30 November

I have lived in a secret bubble. I have written on a non-connected computer to protect me from hackers, and if I mailed something about the book, I have used code words. Questions about what I do nowadays, I have answered vague and cryptic.

Now I hear that Collins wants to go out with the news of the book already, and I would first scream no, help. But slowly, I welcome the idea. I want to come out of the closet.

December 2

We decide to send out a press release on 17 December. None of us have any idea what to expect. A storm, a shrug?

17 December

At two should news exploding and in the morning, I try to work as usual. It goes bad. I bounce up and down, and put me to the end of the bed and closes his eyes. The minutes crawl out.

Five minutes to two Aftonbladet send out a news flash, and sets the news with extra plate at the top of his site. Then I find it difficult to reflect the course.

I just know that the phone starts ringing. Remember a conversation with the Metro newspaper. It was quite short, maybe five minutes. When I put on, I have thirty-seven new messages.

I will be visited by TV and radio teams and talking with reporters all over the world and are constantly in a sparkling good humor. But perhaps it is a fragile state.

18 December

Sitting in a taxi on the way to SVT’s morning sofa and stares the headlines through the car window: “How will the new Millennium,” writes Expressen. “The rage against the new book,” thunders Aftonbladet.

I guess that’s the moment I fully understand how all of the Millennium books involved and stir up emotions. It flows into congratulations and cheers, but also some other things, honestly. Some banks Father in my head:

What would Olof have thought?

19 December

Annette Kullenberg runs a thesis that it runs in the family; This type of behavior is a lumpet particular Lagercrantzskt moves. Should I avoid us should flee the country, she writes. (The article was picked then deleted.)


January 3

I do not know about it is all hullabaloo in the media or something else, but my confidence falls to the bottom, and I feel completely useless. When I read my own words of weapon types – I hate weapon types – and if cops arriving at the crime scene feels unsettling familiar and worn, as hopeless detective cliches.

I have also promised to give the first hundred and twenty pages into my publisher Eva Gedin and Susanna Romanus.

12 January

submits the script to Norstedts.

24 January

A cold uncomfortable January rain falls incessantly over the neighborhood. In the evening, I discover that it rained in from the roof and I get a total collapse and screaming and alive. At night I lie awake and worry that the book is crap and the roof to smash together, and all go to hell.

26 January

I go into the meeting with my publisher Eva Gedin and Susanna Romanus and before we even said boo or portab I come with a whole range of classic excuses: this is only a sketch, an attempt, an embryo – anything is possible.

But I worried needlessly. Eva and Susanna, like I did, and we talk for hours about the characters and story, and slowly return my faith both on the roof and on the book.

March 2

Looks Christopher Nolan’s film “Batman Begins” with the kids and starts to think about the underlying mythology of Stieg Larsson’s books.

Afterwards, I discuss it with Anne, and searching on Google. Suddenly freezes me to. I see a completely sensational image online, that changes my whole story.

I go to bed intensely excited.

9 March

I’m writing feverishly on and becoming increasingly anxious. I dare freak out, testing the limits. The question is if I ever been so obsessed.

The characters live in me day and night.


Olaf’s old demons got power over me again. I write every damned day holiday. On the other hand, I could not have failed even if I wanted to.

I’m totally inside the book, although I occasionally been filled by debt that Anne pulls the heavy load with the children. I promise time and again different grand compensations.

Sometimes she believes me.

September 24

Is basically completed with a first version when Susanna Romanus the publisher calls and sounds serious.

She says that a track in my book is reminiscent of a grasp of another crime novel that has just come out.

Nothing serious, or critical, but I get a total tokbryt and stand in the road and trains, and already on the way there, swearing and mumbling, I have decided to write about the whole thing.

On the night sitting I was up and googling for new ideas, and becomes increasingly obsessed with a new mathematical traces. When morning comes with its yellow-red light, I’m happy again.

September 25

I will call Susanna Romanus and talks excitedly about my new set up. Susanna tjoar, full of enthusiasm. Anne points out, more sober that I’m about to become manic.

October 24th

I wonder if I did not draw too much on my new track anyway, and through the Department of Mathematics in Uppsala I get in touch with Andreas Strömbergsson, professor of mathematics, specializing in number theory. Andreas hits me happy for the weekend at the patisserie Birdsong in Uppsala.

28 October

I’m sitting on the confectionery Birdsong, and draws against the promise of absolute secrecy my idea of ​​Andreas. He likes it, at least it looks like it. But he thinks it is unrealistic towards the end.

“It does not have to be realistic,” I try. “It is fiction.”

“Sure, sure,” he says. “But I think I have a different spreads.”

30 October

I wake up at dawn and seeing that Andreas Strömbergsson sent me a long document at 0210 hours. When I read I become quite touched. He has done significant work. Most of it is way above my level, but the very idea gives centerfold, a new sophisticated touch.

I’m sending an effusive thanks, and working feverishly on. It’s just days until our next deadline.

Suddenly heart starts to rush and I sit down on his haunches and succeed just double weight to take me to the dressing room. On the way home I was gripped by an obsession that I should suffer the same fate as Stieg Larsson.

November 5

submits the script to Norstedts, and meets my wise sympathetic editor Ingemar Karlsson. Promise not to write anything while he is reading.

7 November

I feel completely empty and skinless without my writing. Hardly know what to make of myself.

9 November

Participates in SVT’s “Babel” and interviewed of Jessika Gedin. I’m more than a little speedad.

December 15

Ingemar and I’m working on, and go through the script in detail. Ingemar has hökögon for every inconsistency in my story.

28 December

Susanna Romanus and Eva Gedin read the book yet time, and we have among other things a long discussion on the end.

I’m writing about it.


“The question is, if I ever been so obsessed, “writes David Lagercrantz in the diary. Photo: Beatrice Lundborg

January 26

The script goes to proof.

3 February

Script bundles are sent to the foreign publishers with a personal courier. Nothing about the book can be transferred digitally.

15 February

Norstedts offer dinner at the restaurant Luzette the Central Plan in Stockholm Eva Gedin solemnly declare that she has something to show us. But to create a little nervous she waits with it.

In the end, clears his throat, she melodramatic and reads out the first reviews of translators and publishers’ readers. Afterwards I dance home in the night and stick to a party at my local Italians Pane Vino at Zinkensdamm.

It was a long time since I was so drunk.

March 14

Each day received enthusiastic words from publishers around the world. I persuade myself that nothing does. We are after all the same hope. We so want the book to live up to expectations. But perhaps it is all just wishful thinking that burst like soap bubbles in autumn.

April 1

Today’s News announces the Swedish cover. The Guardian publishes the English cover and the Wall Street Journal, the American cover.

April 16

Going to London to participate in a conference on the release of the book with publishers and editors from forty publishers worldwide, and hear about the UK marketing campaign. I get a feeling of unreality. But I will also be increasingly stressed.

In the evening I give lectures on the publishing group Hachette, among others, David Nicholls and Sophie Hannah, Sophie who has just written a new novel by Agatha Christie hero Hercule Poirot. Me and Sophie decides to form a pact: “We who write continuations.”

May 26

Traveling to the Hay Festival in Wales with my agent Magdalena Hedlund to promote my novel about Alan Turing, who come out in English, and received a new spring for the film “The Imitation Game”.

being interviewed by the BBC’s radio and television, and tells on stage about my authorship. I feel happy, understood and viewed.

In the end, I get questions about Zlatan book and talking when, among other things, of authenticity. I say what I have said a hundred times before: that I did not quote Zlatan verbatim without me instead worked hard to catch his voice with a literary narrative techniques. I say that I came closer to him in that way, and I feel that everyone understands what I mean.

May 27

Is back in London and sits my English publishers and will sign the 1400 blade to be inserted in as many copies of my Millenniumbok. Right hopeless just that. But soon after all hell breaks loose.

The Telegraph, which has been a journalist in the audience at the Hay Festival, has written that the quotations in Zlatan book is fictional, and now Swedish newspapers circulated news alerts that I “recognized “.

My phone is exploding and accusations roars, as if no one ever heard as a literary or journalistic interpretation or – even worse – as if people believe it is possible to write a readable book by just typing down what anyone says. It feels like the whole world is going crazy. My hands are shaking. My voice falters as I speak.

Later in the afternoon I hit some sort of acute depression, and my English publisher Christopher MacLehose puts me in bed.

In the evening when I was interviewed on stage by author colleague Rachel Johnson, I pretended to be happy and unconcerned. I’m joking until:

“Have to double check my citations by Salander now! Do not want her after me too! “

But I feel shit.

Photo: All Over Press

May 29

God bless America. Me and Magdalena – which has now been taken care of my phone – has traveled to New York and this gives everyone a damn Zlatan fraction.

When I arrive at the fair Book Expo America, I see a totally insane big banner by My Millennium Roman. Then sits at the table next to John Grisham and do interviews – that the confidentiality contract may not be published until late in August.

Going to my hotel and offers new interviews, including USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and the Hollywood Reporter.


In Stockholm I go through my schedule. I’ll be traveling more or less constant during the autumn, and sit in a constant stream of interviews and stunts and I try of course play cool, or at least not be overly much more neurotic than usual. But often it feels like tanks burning.

flits around like a restless butterfly. In addition, I promised DN to write a diary about the whole process, and I swear some of it, and prepares me to finally go to the Finnish archipelago. Where I intend to devour the old novels and stand out with a rowboat and dream away.

  • The diary also published in 20 other international papers.

Images of the text: Beatrice Lundborg





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