Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fully developed fire broke out in the barber shop – Expressen

A fully developed fire broke out at Erikslund in Västerås during the night to Monday.

It should have begun to burn in an unopened store, says Ivan Aslund, officers at Västmanland police.

The shop burned to the ground along with a hair salon that also lay in building.

One person was sleeping in the building at Erikslund in Västerås and suddenly awakened by the smell of fire. It turned out a fire in an adjacent company planned to open for furniture sales and the whole building burned to end down on Sunday night. Even a hair salon and an electronics store caught fire.

The person who alerted should have swallowed smoke and have been taken to hospital for a routine check, but should not be damaged. The fire has led to a lot of smoke, and although no homes are directly adjacent to fire a warning has gone out.

– Accommodation near advised to keep their windows closed, said Ivan Aslund, officers at the police in Västmanland.

In the area there are numerous shops, but the fire has not yet spread from the building. The shops were closed when the fire broke out, but an all-night hamburger restaurant in the vicinity of the blaze. No persons should however have been injured.


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