Friday, August 7, 2015

Jan Malmsjö can make a comeback in “New Year’s bells” – Aftonbladet

There will be no more New Year’s celebration in the SVT loa falkman.

Now the veteran Jan Malmsjö hungry for a comeback.

– I would gladly do that, he says to Aftonbladet.

In the twelve years celebrated Jan Malmsjö midnight with the Swedish people.

After the announcement that loa falkman will no longer host the “New Year’s bells” at Skansen is the allrounder hungry for a comeback.

– Hahaha, I would gladly do it, he says, when Nöjesbladet call and ask.

– But … oh, I can not go into it. We’ll see how it blows out.

Have you had discussions about this with SVT?

– No, no, no, I have not heard a word from them, I do not know, says Jan Malmsjo.

In the autumn of 2014 climbed Jan Malmsjö aside from the honor-filled mission.

Then he told Aftonbladet that it was their own decision – because he wanted to put in the time.

– It is clear that I had been standing there with a walker and reading. Now I am still fit and healthy and takes a step to the side. Consciously and willingly chosen, for now, I have lived so long that soon will be well kicked out of context, he said.

– I wanted to go myself. Before anyone else is struggling to get off me.

Became Ica Stig – lost the gig

Yesterday came the expected news that loa falkman no longer be New Year’s host – because he had the role of “ICA Stig”. On your own website, SVT has denied that the channel would have kicked the actor.

Skansen Chief John Brattmyhr have only good things to say about the avpolleterade Falkman.

– He handled the task exceptionally well. It took a little time but it was certainly not Loas wrong, it was a poetry reading that drew out a little at the end, he says to Aftonbladet.

Do you miss him?

– I hope we can have Loa at Skansen during other times.

Closes the door for Malmsjo

John Brattmyhr would not comment on whether he made any specific discussions with Jan Malmsjo.

– I talk constantly with Jan and he is a giant in this context. However, we have no plans to resume this tradition right now, but you should never say never. He did this twelve times and there is no one else has done.

What makes him Jan Malmsjö as good a bell ringer?

– He is one of the last great entertainer of his generation and has all music that is almost total. Personally I think it is absolutely phenomenal that he one moment stood on the Royal Dramatic Theatre and other times appeared in public parks or played revue.

It sounds like you are not receiving a comeback in other words, ?

– I am not against John in any context. I do not think it will happen this year but I think we will get to have left in January a long time so you should never close the door.

Aftonbladet have searched SVT’s program manager for pleasure, Thomas Hall.


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