Friday, August 7, 2015

Magdalena Gerger, Were a wake ‘- Expressen

As one of the best friends was nedmejad by a drunk driver began Magdalena Gerger, 51, estimate relationships with family and friends more.

– It was like an alarm clock in my life. I went from being immature and without understanding what was most important in life, explains Systembolaget’s President and CEO.

Until Bruce was hit at a crosswalk on his way to work was civil economist Magdalena Gergers days most of the work. She had after Stockholm School worked his way up to top positions in London for brands in ice cream, coffee and home furnishings. But the six weeks when Bruce was in a coma and friends took turns to keep watch at his bedside and tell stories about Bruce for each priority Magdalene for the first time other than the duties of the office.

The change has not only affected Magdalena man, but also determines what she is as a manager. “I try to see everyone, many people say to me that I am present and engaged in other,” she says.

“Really bad mother”

Magdalena Gerger, a member of Engineering Sciences and nominated for the 2009 “Queen of Diamonds”, parts bravely with him how it felt when she as top manager and a new mum only managed deala to nine weeks of parental leave. With the nanny and the baby in the room next door during management meetings felt Magdalena “ashamed and heartbroken” and as a “really bad mother”. Oh, how I wish Gerger had developed the subject more than simply state that the family opted out of London and that is how she manages and overcomes the challenges that defines her as a human being! How many mothers / parents, we are not asking how business leaders acted in order to put together the puzzle of life?

She strives

Yet it is very interesting to hear what the Magdalene brought from gymnastics and skiing in leadership in business and how she strives for all employees to be their “best self”.


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