Thursday, August 6, 2015

Loa falkman get fired from SVT – Aftonbladet

This is the final rung loa falkman, 68th

Now the singer loses the prestigious assignment to welcome the new year in SVT’s New Year celebrations at Skansen. He also losing their own music programs in P2.

– Possibly, I will gather my thoughts on this. I have opinions, you could say, he says in an interview with Mitt in.

The tradition of reading the poem “Ring Out, Wild Bells” at Skansen has been around since 1895, TV broadcast since 1977. Last year, singer and actor loa falkman on the honor-filled mission for Jan Malmsjö read the poem since 2001.

But he may not continue. In an interview with local newspaper Mitt i tell loa falkman contract with SVT completed. The reason is that he started to play the role of Ica Stig in the food chain ICA’s popular commercials. To participate in commercial contexts can not be combined with SVT’s guidelines on impartiality.

“Have feedback”

Personality assignment prevents him additionally from continuing to lead his radio program about music in Swedish radio . Instead, he was replaced by comedian Pia Johansson .

– I do not do music competition program in the P2 called Bit by bit with Loa. Possibly I will gather my thoughts on this. I have opinions, one might say, he tells the midst of.

loa falkman caused great uproar when he missed the noon during last year’s New Year speech. When in 2014 had been released in 2015 was loa falkman not finished with her reading aloud to the audience.

– Yes, yes. But then it happened something, it’s fun. The unpredictable is delicious, I think, said Loa Nöjesbladet afterwards.

Replaced Mosesson

Opersångaren, which followed ICA’s commercials since 2001, is despite the problems pleased with his new role as path.

– Stig is a kind, loving and hardworking person. And very naive. Where can I possibly recognize myself. I think the people are kind and think positively. I do not go with the garden up there, and then you get a CLIP sometimes, he says.

It was in February this year that it was clear that loa falkman signed on to play Ica Stig two years. He took over after his friend hans mosesson.

loa falkman declined to comment SVT’s decision.

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