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Lotta at Liseberg | Liseberg, Monday – Göteborgs-Posten


Lotta at Liseberg

Liseberg, Monday

Public: The biggest of the season. Fully far up the mountain.

Best: Molly Pettersson Hammar pipe.

Worst: interviews’s not also good for tempo.

Radiant conditions, Skånings, Mums-mums and engaged audience scooped sing.

The conditions could hardly be better. The weather over Liseberg is the best on the entire singalong season and artist set for the evening is safe, timely and seems even to contain something for everyone. Attendance record it? Oh yes. In honor of the course, full of a ziljard Måns signs.

Already in the introductory We put color at Liseberg feels that the conditions also spread to Lotta, house band and the audience. The new season’s success formula faithfully, you move thereafter between the talk and walk directly over the alingsås successor Jakob Karlberg, who is in front of her summer hit / torment Damn Good.

The steam hisses then a little out of the audience in the subsequent Good Vibrations and then the television crowd priority Mans Zelmerlöw will seduce the camera and sell their new (okay) single. Fun for them, a little stiffer in place.

That it is double Skåne during the evening with Måns and Hasse uses the program effectively. Especially Hasse Andersson portrayed as if he consisted entirely of elemental Skåne. Too bad we did not get any Angel Dog with Måns and Hasse, however.

Gothenburg Per Andersson låtpantomim feels, however, more ambitious than funny, but he manages to get around the charm, energy and honorable filth.

Next, Molly Pettersson Hammar in and sing the hat of all with their whistling tones. Then, the program sets her down to talk. A little strange priorities. Whereupon she then disappears into One evening in June, song words.

The most difficult moments to sing will almost always when the team will solve the difficult task of combining an engaging live experience with a program that requires regular commercial breaks. Perhaps it is no wonder that it often is during the breaks as things become more unbridled and fun. At least the location. It is also when Molly Petersson Hammer comes back and blows all return while wearing hats when she makes her Melodifestivalen song I’ll Be Fine. The next break will Måns and make Cara Mia. Fun for us. Sad for everyone else.

The final act devotes program to hold a victory party for himself with Hasse Andersson front of the moon with the audience on its toes, followed by Måns Zelmerlöv ending with Heroes and a forest of clenched fists in the air.


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