Saturday, August 8, 2015

Norlin: “Tradition on PMS gigs” – Aftonbladet

Today sommarpratar artist Annika Norlin hormones.

On stage, PMS affected her more than once.

– Afterwards I go myself to the hotel room and eat ostkrokar and self hate all night long.

The artist and psychology students Annika Norlin , 37, listened with interest when the cartoonist Life Strömquist was talking about menstruation in Summer in P1 for a couple of years ago. She is namely very interested in hormones and how they affect us.

Confidence emerge

In his own Sommarpratarna immerses artist because of PMS – premenstrual syndrome – and how it affects her everyday life .

One day a month, life feels pretty black, says Norlin. Confidence appears and she can feel introverted, forgetful and somewhat paranoid.

This has happened at a city festival scene, when she appeared as Hello Saferide. The evening interpreted audience unfocused eyes as they quite simply hated her.

Self-hate room rates

Annika Norlin has created certain tradition of concerts that occurs, that time in month.

– I have a nice little tradition in my PMS gigs. First I play a great frenzy. Afterwards I go myself to the hotel room and eat ostkrokar and self hate all night long. Then I wait in tomorrow when you get to read in the newspaper about how strange it was at the scene, said Norlin in P1.

Better gigs?

There is no bed of roses to be judged before audience when one is suffering from PMS, but Norlin decide to play anyway.

– I do not believe I’m doing worse gigs when I feel like this. Sometimes I think even that they become better … If you like the bluesy between snack and anxiety printer so it is quite right.

“Creative benefits”

And it is not only negative perceptibly PMS strikes Annika Norlin firm. A musician colleague thought it sounded like a worthwhile approach to living in darkness a concentrated day of the month, and she agrees.

– Creative advantages are therefore, in my profession as middle class creator. But in the many jobs and how many lives it is considered as positive?

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