Saturday, August 8, 2015

Summer in P1 8/8: Annika Norlin – Göteborgs-Posten

Annika Norlin taking the baton from the previous summer hosts Life Strömquist and Klara Henry and devotes its entire Summer in P1 to the scourge of PMS.

The press release from the Swedish Radio sounded Annika Norlin that she stood and chose between two subjects. “One is quite fun and extremely personal. We’ll see what I dare to take. “One listen reveals that the songwriter, artist and psychologist student Annika Norlin dared to choose the personal way.

Building on their own confrontations with Premenstrual Syndrome, everyday-called PMS, twist and turn her on how the human hormonal fluctuations affect the lives of 30 percent of all women. Deep valleys, dark thoughts, anxiety, depression and aggression are common features that characterize the lives of sufferers, sometimes up to two weeks a month.

Not infrequently waved PMS away with irony and sarcastic undertones of an environment with big knowledge gaps. Ignorance of the hormones and their mental and physical impact is great. And even some people with major PMS problems can go for many years without linking fluctuations in the monthly cycle, says Annika Norlin.

She is well knowledge of the subject and refers Research and own studies in the local environment. Not least, she tells us vividly of herself and how her PMS both acting brake as creative engine working life. Annika Norlin fill in the gaps and pushes society a little bit in the right direction. Confident and well prepared, she helps the listener to take this hormonal condition seriously.

The last sentence : My name is Annika Norlin, thanks to me.

Music: Some of hormonal theme that Mary J Bliges PMS and High- stage persons with Doktor Kosmos. Plus, such as Kjell Höglund You get used to and Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt.

Summer Host 9/8: Magnus Böcker, CEO of the Singapore Exchange


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