Monday, August 10, 2015

Police calls for pet owners – Metro

Wanted: Owners of a parrot and a goat.

There are police in Värmland and Jönköping that social media is now trying to get in touch with their owner.

According to SVT News Jonkoping is a found white and orange parrot in the cage – a hutch – the police in Jönköping. It was found and captured on Saturday night in a lake.

The police do not want to give out any picture of the parrot. Right owner should be able to describe the bird to get it back.

The same day did Värmland police reports of a goat trotted around on county road 239 between Torsby and Ekshaerad.

– Someone has found Goat in the area of ​​Torsby. It teaches to be noticed in the ear, says Ronny Brattström, duty officer, at Värmland police to SVT News Värmland.

The police have, however, chosen not to receive the goat at the station. It is available for collection at the finder.


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