Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer 12/8: Owe Sandström – Göteborgs-Posten

Owe Sandström has been a long exciting life to look back on, filled with spectacular and exciting mission. But his summer program seizes still not quite awhile.

Knowledge sewing Spanish ruffles on flamenco dresses became, somewhat unexpectedly, the key to a completely different path for the zoology and a number of other subjects trained Owe Sandström.

Owe Sandström, 70, has an exciting life to talk about. He has worked on the costumes Abba, Sheeba, Zarah Leander, Lill-Babs Carola – you name it. Throughout his adult life he has combined his teaching job with the commission as a fashion designer for artists. Moreover, he is among others also safari guide in Africa and the Galapagos. His Sommarpratarna could take us to a host of exciting places. For example, a Swedish artist elite living where he was responsible for the costumes have met them in a creative rollercoaster ride. I imagine the moments of both curiosity, uncertainty and confidence, and then, when all is done, good luck in the limelight and perhaps a certain emptiness when the stage doors shut. But for this, we know nothing.

Owe Sandström as a teacher entire career met young people and he has as a director and show designer for the show program at the Stockholm Horse Show has worked with a great variety of four-legged as well as two-legged superstars . But nowhere will we close these people or Owe Sandström’s relationship to them. One wants so very much to come by, meet the Owe Sandström met. But he reads his screenplay outright. It’s nice, pleasurable and engaging, without the experiences get something really lives. The only time it burns a little bit of the heart is when he talks about how he was swept by the tsunami in Sri Lanka, 26 December 2004.

The last sentence: We conserve only what we love, we love only what we understand, we understand only what we have learned. Thanks for listening and have a continuing good summer for that is far from over yet, even if my program is.

Music Zara Leander, Lasse Berghagen, Abba, Sheeba.

Summer Host 13/8: Fredrik Reinfeldt.


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