Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It becomes Sing for Sarah Dawn Finer? – Aftonbladet

The last time she thanked no.

But now Sarah Dawn Finer again be up to date to take over Sing-along at Skansen.

– She really good as hostess and has an incredible artistic career. Then I know she has a lot of themselves and are incredibly in demand, says SVT’s Thomas Hall.

After two seasons announced Petra Marklund yesterday she hoped the Sing-along at Skansen.

SVT received the news late last week and Thomas Hall , program manager for pleasure immediately began to think about new program management options.

– You can not stop thinking, but it’s more than I need to get back to work so we can have a talk about how we should think and who we should contact, he says .

The requirement profile completed

But the demand profile is already completed, it is no different from previous years.

– First, it is a program management effort that requires his routine and experience to stand on stage before an audience and television audience and be able to handle a live broadcast. And then there’s a lot of music, so you should have an artistic background so as to meet the musical alibi, says Hall.

In Nöjesbladet chat have readers had Sanna Nielsen and Sarah Dawn Finer as favorites among potential replacements for Petra Marklund.

– You can make the image larger than that. The past two years we have probably received around 40 to 50 program proposals from external companies, where one of them has been their proposed host.

Information: said no

According to Aftonbladet was Sarah Dawn Finer SVT’s first choice last time you were host to Sing, but when she finally turned down the offer was instead to Petra Marklund.

Thomas Hall now confirms that both Sarah Dawn Finer and Sanna Nielsen found at wish list for next year.

– Sarah is a very interesting name. She is really good as hostess and has an incredible artistic career. Then I know she has a lot of themselves and are incredibly in demand, says Hall.

Sanna Nielsen then?

– Also a good name and I have thou seen the evening paper ballots where she is good at.

Sarah Dawn Finers record company now confirms that she earlier years been asked to lead the Sing-along at Skansen, but she turned it down because of other commitments.

– It is very funny that people want to see me in this role and that they think of me in this context and it is an honor to be asked. There are of course a number of programs on TV next year that would be of great interest to have the program cause if it goes together with my other commitments. More than that I do not know at present, greets Sarah Dawn Finer through his label.

Stitches list of candidates

On Monday, the SVT set in motion the hunt for a new host seriously . Then you should first put together a long wish list of potential names that you then sinks down to about five people seriously may become relevant. While working SVT also picking up host the Eurovision Song Contest as well as the Eurovision song contest. Although there has Sanna Nielsen and Sarah Dawn Finer highlighted as potential candidates.

– It will probably be difficult to combine something of these so if we’d end up in such a situation that several programs to share the same host as may we coordinate it in the department together with the program management, so that we will agree, says Hall.

Aftonbladet have searched Sanna Nielsen via her management.

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