Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer in P1 29/6: Åsa Jinder – Göteborgs-Posten

National musician, composer and author Åsa Jinder break out noise with his clear voice, and his total sincerity. Add to that a little practical wisdom, warmth and coziness so you have her Summer in P1.

Åsa Jinder begins in the sandbox a good distance away from the apartment building where she grew up. She is not more than three or four years and has single-handedly had left home and carried back home by an unknown man in the trench coat. The wounds from childhood are right there. In it there to get her to want to escape and find their own ways. The coldness between mother and father. The mother’s drinking like a claw of iron around the heart.

Åsa Jinder winds with crystal clear sharpness up the story of the family’s pain and the way to her own writing, which begins at the age of six. “Something inside me says I should write.” As sexåringen she wins a poetry contest and a prize of SEK 70.

Not quite as emotionally explains Åsa Jinder on the way to the music. Via a tragic event stuck both she and her father nyckelharpa as instruments when they by chance end up in Delsbo meeting. The music seems ironically not have been life-saving for her in the same way as the writing has been through life, including in connection with work on the autobiographical poetry collection Become my mother again.

The program says she also honestly and openly about divorce, life crises, a car accident, the love for their children and the importance of dealing with grief and about teenage love Joey Tempest. Although he did in the days when Asa Jinder sat in his bed in Upplands Vasby named Joakim Larsson.

music Both personal choice that Joey Tempest Europe, the daughter Little Jinder and music herself. But also their own favorites like Ane Brun, and CajsaStina Åkerström.

The last sentence: Neither do I.

The next summer host: Alexander Ekman, dancer and choreographer.


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