Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer in P1 4/8: Alexander Ekman – Göteborgs-Posten

I’m playing all the time, declares Alexander Ekman, and also his Summer is partly performance.

The start is playful, with a call to the police where he asks about dancing condition. Later in the program he calls even SL and 118 118 and ask questions about the dance. Play makes us currently and creative, says Alexander Ekman, dancer and choreographer who has worked around the world.

During the program, he paints little scenes. VIP area at a hip club in New York, the loneliness of the tour, neighboring the life of the mortgage right, the whole family in front of the TV and Robinson finale and grandfather exclaims “He has a handicap” for the winner, who is gay. It is when Ekman talks about homosexuality, his children longing and jealousy on strejta couples just can plop the kids anyway as he becomes the most personal.

Dance else is it that makes him the most dedicated, and his desire for the new opera in Stockholm to be an eco-friendly symbol of simplicity and creativity – not a golden marble creations of two billion.

He talks about the artist and critic, creator and press release, artists’ responsibility and origin of ideas, but usually stays on the surface. When he switches on the yoga instructor voice and speaks meditation he drops me at least almost completely.

Ekman wants art to surprise, providing experiences, inspire and desire. There does not reach summer talk, more like cruising through his artistic life. But he has a point in that most dance for a little bit.

The last sentence: So let’s stop talking and start dancing. Hugs to you, beautiful people, greetings Alexander Ekman.

music No presentations. Sometimes the mood for talk, otherwise the strings and piano, Nina Simone twice, Belgian rapper, Stromae, opera from The Magic Flute, jazzkornettisten Rex Stewart.

Today’s summer host: Jögge Sundqvist, craftsmen and artists .


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