Thursday, August 13, 2015

The bus overturned – the passengers climbed out through the roof – Swedish Radio

Six people and a driver escaped unharmed when one of Västtrafiks bus overturned and ended up at the side of the road between Upphärad and Trollhättan.

Those who were in the bus climbed out through the sunroof.

– It is very rare to a bus overturned. It is lucky that it went so well, says Anders Sandahl, Västtrafiks press officer.

The accident happened at nine o’clock in the morning and the bus traffic Västtrafiks line 360. Salvage work will still go on.

– I have been told that the bus was standing still when it overturned. It’s a pretty narrow road and had stopped for oncoming traffic, and what happened was that shoulder somehow gave way and the bus slid down, says Anders Sandahl.

Emergency Services has not been involved, but the police should have been contacted.

– Everybody must have been unharmed afterwards. There was a person who had a slight pain in the back, but on their own would seek care center.


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