Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Way out West – August 11 – Göteborgs-Posten



Pustervik, Wednesday

Best: Devil’s haircut was sharp. It came first.

Worst: Beck’s old hits feel … old.

Public: Patch on the door.

You know, sometimes pre-party the best on the entire evening. But when Way out West tried to jump the gun with a “secret” gig at Pustervik it was rather anticlimactic. Shortly after nine o’clock Beck stepped onto the stage before a sold-out concert venue. Almost exactly one day before he would play again, in Slottsskogen.

The format of a club gig where there are secret whom playing is thrilling but also precarious. Festival visitors who wanted to see the Needle In The Hay-concert at Pustervik did not only get a three-day festival, but adding another 300 crowns to buy a pig in a poke. Then, you want value for money.

Of course, it went for several days of rumors about who would play and it was inevitable that the hopes and desires surged. Would it be Hakan, Robyn, Van Morrison or maybe Kate Bush appeared on Pustervik? When the red-yellow tour buses with British number plates parked outside Pustervik early on Wednesday spun speculation even more intensively on Facebook and Twitter.

With high expectations will fall height is also greater, regardless of who showed up were a few in the audience to be disappointed . At the same time we have to keep the rest of the festival audience in a good mood. Is the secret act too impetuous booking people become acidic if not everyone had the opportunity to see the hen. It is instead an anonymous reservation will be rather disappointing to those who paid extra. Tricky position for the organizer, that is.

Tricky seat even for Beck himself stated that the show was a sort of blind date with all that implies. Beck chose to go on the instant charm offensive with a chunky and impressive fierce devil’s haircut and then hit Loser already the third song. Much more fun than that, it was not. Becks campfire songs of recent years was fairly bland live and when he finished with old Where it’s at, it felt painfully dated.

I actually saw a fantastic, manic and through sensible club concert with Beck on fine Vega in Copenhagen just after To Odeley-plate had been released. When he was young, declared a genius and hotter than fried eggs. Now Beck on a much quieter spot in the career and the music that it felt both shocking and cool sounds now as old men tired slacker funk.

Should Way out West continued with this secret arrangement to the next year should choose one act that is not already on the festival poster. Ok, if you had gotten into a blur, a Prince or Alicia Kays at Pustervik would have been super cool. But the basic rule is still that the audience does not want to pay twice for the same artist.


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