Friday, September 11, 2015

“Amour fou” – a fantastic movie – Radio Sweden

Today is the premiere of a new film of the famous Austrian director Jessica Hausner, her last film The Miracle of Lourdes became the award-winning worldwide, among other things, received the Guldbagge Award as best foreign film in 2011. Her new name Amour fou and about the collective suicide as the German poet Heinrich von Kleist committed with her friend Henriette Vogel years 1811th

– It was luckily was, as I interviewed the director, an absolutely amazing film. I was not particularly worried, I thought a lot about her earlier films too. It resembles nothing like the repertoire right now. It is a very slow story, she has a string aesthetics, the scenes are structured like tableaux. One could almost cut out each scene and make small artworks of them. And although the game is fairly restrained, replica transfer is slow, almost laconic. And this is about something as dramatic as Henrich von Kleist, the famous playwright and poet, who wants to find a woman he can commit collective suicide.

– Jessica Hausner has little ironic called the film a romantic comedy, which of course is not. But there is an absurd undertone, but at the same time is a strange chill between the actors.

It sounds a bit stiff, there is no passion in this movie?

– The passion is not really between the actors. It is absolutely not some big emotional outbursts. Hausner is a very intellectual director who has ideas about what she wants to show on the screen. But I must also say that there is no dull, pretentious film. This is a movie that I think everyone can go and see if you want to see a magnificently crafted costume drama like no other but still have my total attention and where I’m sitting on edge and trying to read each scene. I think Jessica Hausner is one of today’s most interesting filmmakers.


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