Thursday, September 10, 2015

Beata Gårdeler excited for Sweden premiere of The Herd – Swedish Radio

This weekend the film The Flock official Swedish theatrical release. Director Beata Gårdeler, coming from Alnön, has had a busy time since it began appearing in various film festivals.

All Beata’s films is about loneliness and alienation. The inner fears interest her. She argues that there are emotions that most people have, but takes different forms. The film is about a girl who claims to have been raped, but where the inhabitants of the village where she lives turns her back. In Västernorrland many interpreted it as it is about the so-called Bjästa case, but Beata does not make the obvious connection.

– We looked at the case, but also in many other cases. Unfortunately, not what happened in Bjästa a unique event, either in Sweden or abroad. When I show it abroad, many people recognize themselves, but who wonder if it is really possible that this could happen in such a highly developed country like Sweden, says Beata Gårdeler.

Swedish Radio’s movie critic Björn Jansson The Herd gave one four in the ratings, and the Berlin Film Festival and won the Crystal Bear. How it is received by the Swedish audience remains to be seen, but Beata is hopeful.

– I’ve met a lot of audience overseas, so I think it will get a good reception, but there is always a bit nervous, she says.


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