Thursday, September 10, 2015

Comic responded its obituary – Express

The movie site Variety published by mistake a prepared obituary for director Terry Gilliam.

An obituary Gilliam himself replied to.

I’m sorry that I’m dead ,” he wrote on Facebook.

Sometimes prepares celebrity sites and various newspapers obituaries of famous people. Sometimes happen to them leak out in advance. This happened “Monty Python ‘profile Terry Gilliam. Suddenly published Variety an obituary about him, writes Mashable.

Terry Gilliam said himself on his obituary on Facebook:

I’m sorry that I’m dead. Especially to all those who bought tickets to my upcoming events. Variety has revealed my demise. Do not rely on their retraction and apology , “he writes.


I Apologize FOR BEING DEAD especially to Those Who havealready Bought tickets to the upcoming talks, but, Variety has …

 Posted by Terry Gilliam on September 9, 2015

Variety took back obituary and apologized on Twitter.

Correction: Variety published incorrectly an article about the director Terry Gilliam died. We are deeply sorry for the mistake “the newspaper said.

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Terry Gilliam got his big break as a comedian in “Monty Python”. He later met with success as a director, among other things, he lies behind “The Army ofthe Twelve Monkeys” and “Brazil”.

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Despite several reunions so seems not the friendship of Monty Python to be particularly strong. in a television documentary tells the now John Cleese to the five members do not come along very well, writes The Sun.

– Most of us are not best friends. You would discover that it is very difficult to find three people who are more different than me, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam, he says in the documentary.

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