Friday, September 4, 2015

Criticism of Guillou’s new novel – Västerbotten Folkblad

Jan Guillou’s new spy novel “Blue Star” has been hailed by critics, including for its feminist perspective. The book is largely based on the trade book “Secretarial Club”, which was released last year. But only days after the book was released is now directing author Jan Bergman harsh criticism against Guillou. In an article in Expressen he accuses Guillou to have borrowed too liberally from “Secretarial Club”:

“Addresses, facts, characters, Stockholm environments, restaurants, personal names, episodes, yes, a whole section ‘borrowed’ over to this book, but screwed to a clumsy and ignorant way, “he writes.

Bergman writes that he never authorized its Guillou and ask themselves how much writers actually borrow from each other.

after the word for “Blue Star” Guillou makes clear that he correctly retrieved a large part of the evidence base by Jan Bergman’s book. He sets it as the source, adding: “To borrow as much as I have done from a single book could possibly seem somewhat osnyggt”.

“Secretarial Club” is about the women who worked in the Swedish intelligence service during the second World War.


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