Friday, September 4, 2015

Shock start: SVT darkened tough competition for the Masters – Aftonbladet

Nijar, Spain. SVT darkened for the participants.

After 15 hours of traveling, they had to immediately carry out an endurance race when the recordings of “Eternal Glory” started.

– I only slept one hour night, says kick boxer Caroline Ek; 31.

When the recording of the eighth edition of “Eternal Glory” started yesterday in southern Spain went Hosted by Micke Leijnegard , 51, out hard right away.

He had hardly had time to greet the first group of participants before he explained that the competition would start immediately. Then had Peter “Foppa” Forsberg 42 Niclas Jihde , 39, and the other participants have been traveling for over 15 hours. With a flight that left Stockholm already at 06 in the morning, participants had furthermore very few hours of sleep in the body.

– I slept only an hour in the night, so the pulse flew up considerably when I realized that we would compete directly . Even though I sensed that it could become so, says kick boxer Caroline Ek has several World Cup gold medals in their luggage.

“Slept how bad any”

Facing Master Karolina Höjsgaard , 44, had the same feeling.

– I slept how bad any time in the night and was not prepared for that we would compete directly. It’s used to getting more than 30 minutes to prepare when there is competition, but at the same time we know what we are embarking on, she says.

SVT did everything to dark participants that they would compete directly upon arrival to the dream villa on the Spanish coast. Up to the last saw production that nothing would leak to the competitors as to what would happen.

– I’m satisfied, but we did it last year too so a few suspected that what would come. We do not want to be nasty, but it should at the same time feel that it is really from the beginning, says Anders Wistbacka, project manager for the “Masters ‘master’ on TV.

” Nervousness “

After competition many of the participants still in a good mood.

– I still think it was quite nice to drive at a time. When I was active, I used to always take a workout the first thing I did when I came to a race so they get into it right away, says tennis legend, Jörgen Persson 49th

He is backed by football star Hanna Marklund, 37:

– Well, now got rid of the nervousness immediately, she says.


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