Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cutting of flat display was video-recording – Göteborgs-Posten

Hip Hop duo Father & amp; Son gets its own TV4 programs. Thus it is clear that the duo talked about coups, as the cut flat display in Östermalm, was recorded TV.

“A kick up, but with a wink . ” So describes TV4, the new program of Social Judo in a press release.

The program will be shown on TV4 Play and TV12 starting on October 23 and is led by Frej Larsson and Simon Gärdenfors , which forms the hip hop duo Father & amp; Son.

– It is time that we take revenge on society, says Simon Gärdenfors Aftonbladet.

Thus, it appears that the duo coups in the past year, as several of them received considerable media attention, proved television recordings. If the most noted actions will be part of the program remains to be seen.

Examples of the duo’s actions:

at Easter rushed a man dressed as Jesus into image for SVT’s live Easter service at Vaxjo Cathedral. He was overpowered by a caretaker and was led out of the church.

Larsson and Gärdenfors added later a picture of the incident on his Facebook page.

In June, police were called to an apartment viewing in a exclusive bedroom Apartment in central Stockholm, where seven persons had entered into, cooked food, drinking beer and refused to leave the apartment.

“We take on the deed,” wrote Simon Gärdenfors on Twitter.

During Almedalsveckan performed Father & amp; Son and spurted out huge amounts of foam.

Afterward, explained one of the group members there throughout to News 24 that there was a protest against the “politicians have destroyed our environment for hundreds of years.”

Everything was recorded and will likely emerge as entertainment with social criticism sting on the commercial channel in the fall.


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