Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Make up with society “Social Judo” – Aftonbladet

Artist duo Father & amp; Son is angry at society.
New program “Social Judo” they should react to the big and small problems.
– Now it’s time that we take revenge on society, says Simon Gärdenfors.

The duo Father & amp; Son , consisting of Simon Gärdenfors and Frej Larsson , is not only known for its music. They also have been behind a number of mischief – more or less serious – the last year.

In June this year, they took over a flat display in central Stockholm and cooked omelette and later in the summer they organized spontaneously foam party during Almedalsveckan.

Should be broadcast on TV4 Play

Now it turns out that their pranks were filmed for the feature of the duo’s upcoming television program “Social Judo”.
Frej Larsson and Simon Gärdenfors program will be broadcast on TV4 Play and TV12 with effect from 23 October.

– Social Judo is a program where we find the problems until you can recognize yourself in. Advertising, or they do not can buy cold beer at the liquor store. Such stuff that you think about every day. And are we doing a service to society, says Frej Larsson.

– Or just revenge, says Simon Gärdenfors.

What viewers will be treated to?

– A smorgasbord of entertainment in 360 degrees. A magical odyssey. A voyage beyond historic room, says Frej Larsson.


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