Monday, September 7, 2015

Mans victory already cost 60 million SEK – Expressen

60 million.

How much has the City Executive Office in Stockholm already mortgaged for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Meanwhile expected really big costs come next year, writes

Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm in 2016 is likely to be a music festival.

But the event is also a party that cost.

When Malmo arranged Eurovision landed the final bill SEK 125 million. Competition producer Christer Björkman has said that the cost of the giant event should not have to be as expensive in the capital.

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Now reports the City Executive mortgaged SEK 60 million in this year’s budget for the event. This includes SEK 50 million to renovate the Globe and ten million for the “initial preparation”.

The renovation around the globe includes installing a public Wifi, to freshen up the arena the room and fix the interior finishes .

While flagging City Executive for the really big cost of the ESC will learn to come until next year.

Among other things, it is about decorating the city with information and according even if the establish sound showers in urban environments so that music “can be experienced in a new way.”

In addition to the City of Stockholm will organize welcome and after parties, build a eurovisionby City, arrange transportation and provide additional activities for the EBU representatives . Globe must also be available to the Eurovision Song Contest for six weeks, from April 4 to May 14 – all under the agreement between SVT and European television Union, EBU.

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Mans Zelmerlöw won notoriously Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna in late May after a win which differed 62 points down to runner-up Russia.


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