Sunday, September 6, 2015

Michael Fannon won the Swedish charts next – Göteborgs-Posten

Shared joy is double joy. Michael Fannon from Norrtälje won the Swedish charts next but it becomes Stockholm trio Smajling Swedes who will compete in the contest.

Svenneling Disco from Stockholm, hip-hop from Gothenburg and småjazzig skåne soul. There were plenty of musical styles represented when Swedish Radio P4′s talent Swedish charts next settled at Liseberg amusement park on Sunday afternoon.

When radio listeners’ SMS votes been counted and the jury delivered their reviews were not enough Göteborg Kamal Javanmiri, who competes under the name Jawone, really for. Instead it was Michael Fannon from Norrtälje and his swingpopiga Will the time, the council drew the longest straw and won the competition.

– It feels very wonderful and overwhelming, said a beaming winner at the edge of the stage while the audience flocked to photograph Michael Fannon with their mobiles.

Now comes his let to get a challenging opportunity in P4′s legendary list programs Swedish charts, but the place in Melodifestivalen as previous years’ winners have been awarded, the donated jury instead to Stockholm trio Smajling Swedes.

For the shared joy ‘re usually double joy, and perhaps it is as SVT’s Christer Bjorkman and Swedish Radio Project Maths Broborg justifies the decision to allow two different artists stand as “winners” after yesterday’s final of the Swedish charts next.

But Louis Alfredsson, editor of the music site Poplight, is not at all happy with the decision. He believes that instead all about SVT always wants the last word.

– I understand Christer Björkman want to do the best television programs as possible, but this was only the chance for the audience to vote in an artist to the Eurovision Song Contest. Now, SVT has closed that possibility. I think it feels a little ridiculous.

winner Michael Fannon felt not blown at a place in the Eurovision Song Contest.

– It does not matter, assured Michael Fannon I’m just so sick pleased to have won this competition and that my song get the chance in the Swedish charts. Sure, I want to be in the contest but it is not too late yet. I intend to submit a couple of own contribution and hope to come to the road.


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