Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bono honored Syrian three-year– Göteborgs-Posten

The image of the drowned three-year-Alan Kurdistan continues to touch people. Last in line is Bono, who honored the Syrian boy at U2′s concert on Friday and urged the audience to do what it can to help European refugees.

U2 has launched Europe Most of his big world tour and reaches Stockholm for four performances at the Globe in mid-September.

Probably, Bono, known for his humanistic commitment, then touch the severe refugee crisis. Just as he did at Friday’s gig in Turin, Italy. Where Bono called on the people in the audience to do what they can to help the many people fleeing to Europe from war in Syria and Iraq. Then he quoted Nelson Mandela.

– It always seems impossible until it is done, Bono said, and put a question to the great Italian audience.

– What do you want? A Europe with the heart and the borders closed, or a Europe of the heart open?

also amended Bono in the text of Pride (In the name of love). The second verse stanza of “one man washed up on an empty beach” was in Turin exchanged into “one boy washed up on an empty beach”, a way to honor the three-year old Syrian boy Alan Kurdistan that were washed up dead on a beach in Turkey earlier in the week.


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