Monday, September 14, 2015

Miss Li and Björn Dixgård appear to support the refugees – Dalarna Tidningar

Many people have been affected by the ongoing refugee disaster, when people are struggling to reach Europe. “All of Sweden rattle – a concert for the benefit of people in flight” brings together close to 40 artists and comedians who want to do their bit to help.

Among the names are Carola, Lars Frederiksen, Miss Li, Björn Dixgård, Jonas Gardell, Petter and Tomas Ledin. Lisa Nilsson, who also participates, is pleased but not surprised by the large turnout:

– I think many people have gone around and just waiting for the moment. It is so nice to do something. People wander around chock full of emotion and frustration about what is going on, she said.

Lisa Nilsson has followed the recent reporting on the refugee catastrophe and when she was asked to participate in the gala at the Globe, she agreed “without blinking”. She believes that the wave of sympathy for the refugees is also a response to growing xenophobia elsewhere in the community.

– There will be both a protest and a support action, she says.

Tickets for Spectacular released on Tuesday, September 15th.

Daniel Martinsson / TT


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