Monday, September 14, 2015

Paow floor by TV4 farmer – searched for Farmer Wants a Wife: “He is crappy-looking” – Aftonbladet

From Paradise – horse farm?

Now reveals TV4 Paulina “Paow” Danielsson had to the new edition of “Farmer Wants a Wife”.

– It took five minutes called TV4, she says to Aftonbladet.

The women falls as the furor of the peasant Pontus Hugosson from Kungsbacka.

Now reveals Linda Lindorff that one of those who showed their interest is Paulina “Paow” Danielsson , 21, from “Paradise Hotel”.

– I was in Miami when the video of Pontus began to spread on Facebook. I was just like everyone else: “the hell he is so good” so I sent a picture of myself and my number. It took five minutes called TV4 says Paow Nöjesbladet.

What was it that made you decide to enter into the program?

– He is well little drömmig as well, crappy looking and very charismatic … I do not know, have not you seen him?

Well, he looks after all nice out.

– He is not a dirty farmer shoveling poo all day without a horse farmer, as well. No man, but a young boy.

“I Love Animals”

According to Linda Lindorff stack Paow out among the applicants.

“The farmer who got the letter was as clearly surprised when he did not really got the impression that she wants to live a life on a farm. For yes, he knew who she was, even if he is not used to see the program, “the program host in his blog.

But Paulina Danielsson would happily pull on their boots.

– Yes, I love animals. I travel the lot, but you can compromise, she says.

As Linda Lindorff insured Pontus:

“I said that love conquers all, you love so you might as well stay at the farmhouse at luxury hotel in Mexico “.

” How awfully sweet “

According to TV4 has over 1000 people wrote letters to Pontus Hugosson.

– Either it is because he is so awfully sweet, or so it is that he is a horse farmer. Or it is the combination of the two that makes him irresistible, said Linda Lindorff Nökesbladet earlier this spring when the letters started pouring in.

Hugosson is one of the year’s eight applicants, including plowing champion, an ex-internationals in Eventing – and älgbonde.

The new season premieres September 23 and becomes the program’s tenth anniversary.


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