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Rape victims in close-up in the pack – Göteborgs-Posten

Beata Gårdeler lifts in the new movie The Flock forward issues of rape, fear, class and power. A fictional story in which a 14-year-old girl raped by a classmate.

The flock was recorded in the village of Harads eleven mil north of Lulea. The film all the actors, many of whom are amateurs, is from Norrbotten.

Even the intro sets the tone. One of the wedding bridesmaids cry to the tune of Wilhelm Peterson-Berger promising piano piece Summer Song. A moment later she is lying drunk beyond belief in an otherwise idyllic outdoor stage. She brought harsh and vomits over the edge. Of film cloth rolls simultaneously hateful, demeaning comments about her in the future, written in the Chat Forum anonymity. No empathy here do not.

A rape and its consequences , näthat and social skam at the center of Beata Gårdelers drama. No one believes the 14-year-old Jennifer blamed for whore, slut, liar. At the same time, she is forced to repeat his story to the smallest detail defamatory face different adults and people in authority. Most fail, including the priest, while Jennifer being victimized again and again.

Few want to believe-loved Alexander may have been guilty of what he is accused of. At the same time turning a blind eye his closest that even he feels very bad.

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Beata Gårdeler pours Top some water while she formulates the desolation she felt four years ago when the movie first took shape: All reports of new cases of rape, almost daily. Many of them performed at schools, school toilets. Many times without any redress for the rape.

– Is this just constantly repeated? Do you talk with other women about rape crawls it is often claimed that “yes that happened to me too, but I never reported it.” But you rarely hear similar stories from våldtäktmän. Still, victims and perpetrators are often related, it is the most common.

The events of the pack strongly reminiscent Bjästa case in 2010, which attracted the attention of SVT’s Mission Review and provoked debate about the victims and their rights. Many details in the movie are similar events in Bjästa – but the director defends himself on the parallel:

– I do not think our film is closer Bjästa case than other similar cases. Rape as the two of Bjästa is unfortunately a day room in different directions. It is shrinking the debate when the media provides links to just Bjästa. For me it will be like to state that this can only happen in a small west northern village. It’s like shooting the whole problem down.

Even in Bjästa was a 14-year-old girl raped by a 15-year-old boy. The whole village took the perpetrator’s party, and friends and acquaintances turned to the girl.

Have you been in contact with affected families in Bjästa?

– No, were the ones who contacted us before the show in Berlin and demanded to see the film. And there they were.

What was their reaction?

– It must themselves have to answer, because I was not on display.

The film’s producer Annika Hellström tabs in:

– They seemed to think that there are several parts that agree well and has since become very upset with the other maybe 75 percent of the film that does not correspond with reality.

Are you afraid that flock to arouse similar debate as the call girl or Il Capitano?

– It is my responsibility as a filmmaker to take up current issues. Else to just be able to talk about things that took place for at least fifty years ago? Some will be very thankful that we made this film. Others will not feel the same way.

The flock had its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February, where it won a Crystal Bear in the Generation 14plus section. It has also been praised, among others in Los Angeles and in Harare, Zimbabwe.


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