Friday, September 4, 2015

Roy Andersson is an obvious choice – Aftonbladet

It’s Roy Andersson Well privileged to have another chance at an Oscar statuette.

But I doubt that Americans’ understanding of his wayward films has increased since last .

Last year, it’s great that Ruben Östlund’s “Tourist” was Sweden’s Oscar contribution. By far the best movie. Highly acclaimed both abroad and in Sweden. Prize winner at Cannes.

The year before did the Swedish Committee a tactical choice. Appointed Lasse Hallstrom’s first Swedish film in 25 years, “The Hypnotist”, the country’s contribution. The idea was understood that the Oscar jury nod of his head Hallstrom’s name behind the camera and Lena Olin’s front. They’re GOODNESS ME Hollywood celebrities. Though that did not happen at all. The film was simply too bad.

This year it was naturally difficult , verging on impossible, to ignore Roy Andersson’s “A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence”. Winner of the Golden Lion in Venice. Critics Hailed around the world and especially in the US.

Was there at all any competitors?

Well, Michael Marcimains “Gentlemen” has just been nominated to compete for the Nordic Council Film Prize on 430 000 SEK. The film is clearly undervalued, but the Americans are not familiar with Klas Östergrens novel, I’m not sure would go running to the right messy story.

Had John O. Olsson’s “Miracle in Viskan” had a success stamp, had it could slip down as little Swedish countryside exotic, much like Colin Nutley’s “Under the Sun” did when it was nominated. But the film flopped.

“Filip and Fredrik presents Nice people” is the year’s most watched Swedish films at the cinema. But in the US, no one would understand what those unknown TV duo made history. Or why we see immigrants as a problem.

Documentaries are otherwise what I can remind me very unusual in the category best non-English language film. And Stig Björkman’s “I’m Ingrid” I believe seriously have a good chance to be nominated for the best documentary category, so gigantic that Ingrid Bergman (1915-1982) is “over there”.

Kay Pollak went all road and became one of the five nominees with “As it is in heaven.” But it has been ten years since then and it is only in countries where it was a huge success, as in the Nordic countries, Germany and Australia, people really have longed for “How on earth.”

So Roy Andersson is a fairly obvious choice.

doubt that the Americans have changed and “A dove … ”s stylistically exactly the same as the other two films as the Oscar jury has been turned down.

Hope, however, hope that I’m wrong.


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