Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thåström solo career in the new box – Vasterbotten Courier

After 26 years as a solo artist summarizes Thåström his solo career in an extensive box with eight slices – from solo debut “Thåström” from 1989 and “The morronen” which was released in February this year.

The box also includes 22 bonus tracks, including a previously unreleased recording by Cornelis Vreeswijk “Veronica” and a text by music journalist Jan Gradvall, who has interviewed both Thåström people in the musician’s presence.

“I saw Ebba Green and Empire a lot of times, but what for me is the most impressive with Thåström is how he never stopped, never solidified, but constantly renewed and challenged himself”, says Jan Gradvall in a press release.

Thåström began his career in the punk band Ebba Green in 1977 and in addition to his solo career played with bands such as Empire, Peace, Love and Pitbulls and Society.

The box with the title “… Something like this, “released physically on November 20 and digitally in 2016.


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